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Romantic Valentine Gift - Simple and Unique Gift Ideas

Updated on March 31, 2016
Make her smile for you
Make her smile for you

Be Good Lover with Good Gift

Valentine day is a romantic day to warming your love relations. It will be a wonderful moment if you share your feeling and attention. Imagine the laugh, smile, or happy face that will be happen between you and someone you love. And make a moment, gave a little surprise: a romantic Valentine gift that simple and unique which able to share just both of you.

Do not be just nice mate with gift at the valentine day. The simple and unique gifts is attention and care. Many people can afford a good gift, but not all of them a good lover with a romantic valentine gift. A poem, letter, card, it all can be a romantic gift if it represented yourself as honest and good person. A good relation did not build just in a valentine day, but in daily interaction. The other way, you cannot neglect Valentine Day, but you do not need to avoid it because you cannot afford a valentine gift.

You can give your love as a truly gift at Valentine Day. Celebrate it with gratitude and joy, sharing and laughing, forgiveness and holding together. Happy Valentine Day.

Simple and Unique Gift

Not all of us are a rich person, but to buy a valentine gift did not have to be something expensive nor luxuries. The luxuries are come from your heart, meaning that you bought it because you care. Be honest to yourself, you did not need to bought a expensive gift, but a gift that you think will make your lover happy and enjoy it. In a nutshell, I have tried to search some romantic simple and unique valentine gifts ideas things that are wonderful as Valentine’s gift.


You can search some lovely pillows, one for you and one for her. Why this is my first romantic gift choice? Have a good sleeping is important to our relations. Every day before you go to sleep, you will smile and feel the romantic. If you already need to buy new pillows, make it become a unique valentine gift. Sleep well together with your romantic gift pillow. Just remember the old song, “Send me the pillow that you dream on…”


We need a good towel for shower daily. After you woke up from your romantic gift pillow, maybe you take a shower. Of course you need a towel. If you have an old one, take valentine moment to have a new towel. You can put your gift in the bathroom as and surprise with a rose above it. You did not need to mention about it. Let your simple valentine gift become a good moment to starting a warm chat. You are charming person, aren’t you?

Pair Mug

Are you used to drink coffee or tea with your couple? You will feel fresh after taking a bath with your towel, and perfect time to have a cup of hot drink. You can have tea or coffee with your lovely one. There some pair mug for a couple with many shape and color which is good to be a simple valentine gift. You can put your name or initial on it. Enjoy your hot drink with warm heart with your lovely one.


Some people love lingerie, but some not. Be wise with your lingerie gift; make sure she like it. As an alternative gift, you better bought good underwear, might be she has been wanted lately. You can buy which make her feel sexy, but most of the sexy not always a good choice. The underwear that comfortable to wear is more a wise one to afford as romantic gift.

Two person t-shirt or underwear

Be a naughty lover with your valentine gift of two person t-shirt or underwear. I will not to explain this gift idea. But if you think your partner did not agreed about it, you can buy two t-shirts with design as a pair such as same color, picture, or style. The romantic gift is depend your taste and culture. As alternative gift, you can buy sexy underwear. This gift idea is good to be sweet secret between you and your partner.

Chocolate and Roses

Chocolate and roses is good romantic gift, but made it as a complementary. It already suspected as a valentine gift. Just buy some, but your unique gift should be different. You can sent a dinner invitation with a rose.

If you prefer the chocolate gift, just put your romantic invitation inside the box as surprise. It will be a sweet surprise of dinner invitation. Be creative with the valentine gift idea, you can combines many romantic ideas.

Dinner and wine with you
Dinner and wine with you

Dinner and Wine

Completing your romantic valentine gift and make a perfect ending with a dinner. You can go to a romantic restaurant nor cooks special meal at evening. Do not forget to prepare a bottle of good wine. It is better both of you just chatted about ordinary thing or your sweet memory. You need to avoid any topics which trigger an uncomfortable feeling. After the dinner, a glass of wine, romantic conversation... the rest is your, you got it! Be happy with your romantic valentine gift.

Gift to your Heart and Soul

I have been mentions some simple and unique gift for Valentine Days and for special moment. Be wise, most of all, all human want love as the precious gift from someone they loves. Love can be translates as honesty, understanding, good conversation, and praying. You did not always busy with gift in Valentine Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and so on.

Be a good lover, nice wife, gentlemen husband, it is all a precious gave to your partner in live. Your love life did not depend on one day of special moment, but in all of your life journey with your love. You should believe in love and make a wish and pray together. Promise to yourself to fulfill it.

Love is life; the rest is just the detail.


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    • profile image

      pauline vincent 6 years ago

      Be a good lover, nice wife, gentlemen husband, it is all a precious gave to your partner in live. Your love life did not depend on one day of special moment, but in all of your life journey with your love. You should believe in love and make a wish and pray together. Promise to yourself to fulfill it.

    • profile image

      mama hasea 8 years ago

      i like Chocolate and Roses, it'll be romantic n nice.

    • Esrom Art profile image

      Esrom Aritonang 8 years ago from Indonesia

      Yes, the gift valentine ideas (lingerie) is critical to some women. It is depend on culture and personality. Thanks for the comment.

    • dusanotes profile image

      dusanotes 8 years ago from Windermere, FL

      Thanks, Esrom Art, for a perfectly delightful Hub. You have mastered the art of writing Hubs well. It sounds good and looks good, what with the visuals, the Amazon advertising and all. I'm not sure men should be buying lingerie for women, however. I struck out in my attempt at buying such personal things for my wife long ago. She has distinctive likes and wants to buy those for herself. Oh well, everyone to himself, I guess. Thanks for the great Hub. Don White