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What Christmas gifts I love to manifest

Updated on December 25, 2014

It was a predictable article of mine (like many more) and it was all full of agony and wrath about the uncontrollable tendency of people to spoil every spiritual aspect of life by tapping themselves in the surface of things;not the essence of life that is what we mostly need to look for.

Approximately, people spend more time and money on the Christmas presents just to fuel a more demanding self, than experiencing this celebration as a movement of Happiness,Joy and Love.

The intend of underlying the altruistic side of each celebration recovers any possibility of forgetting its importance.

Has Christmas become a demanding base for increased investment on the marketplace or is there any hidden spiritual message of Christmas?

If we search beyond this convert reality ,will we discover the Truth and Bliss?


Christmas Spirit

Definitely, we are approaching the middle of September 2013.

It is rather amazing how much we need Christmas!

Day by day we seek for the wonderful presence of this great celebration.

I realize the importance of emerging from the veil of uncertainty and self-orientation and fly to the Endless Conscious Ocean of Love and Light.
This strong impulse of requesting Love ,appraise and Bliss in our Life has been more prevalent nowadays .

The real meaning of the Christmas Spirit becomes equivalent to our Inner Spirit, our Inner Wisdom and Light that motivates every aspect of our physical reality .

It enhances the multi-dimensional side of humanity as it expands to many levels including the supernatural one.

What is the transformation that Christmas Time brings about?

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Christmas in Greece

The title of this lens could be a great motive for people in our modern societies.

However simplistic this title becomes,its impact could be more impressive.

In a few words it is hard to reply on this simple question, simply because our life has become more complicated than the old times.

Sometimes Christmas takes me back to my early years, when I was a pupil.

It reminds me of all beautiful traditions of my country, Greece.

Every principle of Christmas has been embraced by Unconditional Love.

The Most Important Thing

is to keep in mind that Love like all beautiful spiritual essences come within.

Loving the World, we love ourselves .



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