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Global Awakening:A Cosmic Journey into Light

Updated on October 18, 2014

What is the Global Awakening?

Global Awakening should be experienced as a Universal Movement to empower and awake Humanity as well as regain the Ancient Wisdom and Sacred Knowledge inherited by Ancient Ancestors, Higher Entities and Ascended Masters .

Lightworkers and Starseeds

A message for Lightworkers was given (literally channeled by me) during a special period where I was preparing myself for a friend's book presentation.

The following text which is actually the English translation of the original Greek one acquires lots of references to Ancient Greek omen .

Essentially I recall these messages as " messages from the Inner Light".

A Lightworker is always born (starseeds), not manufactured (matrix creations).

A Lightworker should doubly be faithful in his sacred mission.

Word is stronger when accompanied by Willpower, subordination and compliance with Higher Good.

Carrying out ( the mission ) boldly, without protest. Looking with eyes full of Love, Compassion, and Understanding.

For ... " And when you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss also gazes into you." said Nietzsche .(1)*

To work tirelessly without large or small rewards, and special recognition.

In higher dimensions of Light "I am coming into the Light -I am not coming into the Light " allusions (2)* cannot exist.

Whether you are into the Light, or you're not.

All the rest are merely projections of the Ego that becomes a rather bad administrator for our actions and thoughts when challenged .

It becomes a sadistic tyrant of our existence and deteriorates us.

When you exploit Spirit to promote your Ego aiming the material rewards, only as Hubris (3)* could be perceived .

Light as Energy protects us and shows us the way to Union with Source, as a guide in a Holographic Universe, where people are not materialistic entities with materialistic intentions, but a ,concentrated and non- isolated from the Universe, energy.

Light Body Ascension Experience

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