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Seek and You Will Find - Devotions for Advent

Updated on November 15, 2015

Daily Advent Devotions Featuring the Wise Men

The Magi (wise men) don't get mentioned much during advent. They came on the scene a few weeks, and maybe even 2 years, after the angels and shepherds showed up, so during advent they don't get a lot of attention.

But the Magi remind us that searching for the Christ child is important. These regal easterners sought out the One they knew was the King of the Jews. And like them, when we seek, it's not in vain. Just like those Kings found Him, we will find Him when we look for Him. This set of readings was designed to look at the Wise Men a bit more closely and truly enjoy their story. You've heard the saying "Wise Men Still Seek Him." Let's be wise!

What is an Advent Reading

and while you're at it, what is Advent?

Advent readings are short devotions meant to be read with scripture to help people focus on Jesus Christ in the weeks leading to Christmas. If you'd like to find more details about what Advent is, I invite you to visit my main Advent Reading page where you'll find a detailed description of the season with links to other readings for the season.

The readings you'll find on this page are used to help Christians focus on the season and grow in their faith. Some folks read these special readings every day, some only on Sundays. Below are the weekly readings.

Wise Men followed a star
Wise Men followed a star | Source

The First Week of Advent

We Have Seen His Star and Have Come!

Matthew 2:1-2

Several men from somewhere east of Jerusalem left their homes one day to follow a star. Can you imagine? What must their wives and parents have thought? I wonder if folks from their home towns considered them crazy.

We don't know for sure how long they were gone, but it could have been a few months to a couple of years. No e-mail or cell phones to use to check in at home, just a long journey to a place they couldn't pinpoint on a map. They left everything to find Jesus.

Are you willing this advent season to leave everything to find the One whom the star is pointing to? Will you give up the worry of finding the right gifts to find instead the One who is the Only Gift? Can you refrain from using the convenience of technology long enough to find time to be quiet with Jesus each day during advent and perhaps start a new discipline of faith? Are you looking for the "star," that thing that will guide you, show you, where you might find the Prince of Peace, or are you too busy searching for the right food, the right toys, the right . . .?

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Three Wise Men
Three Wise Men

For the Second Week of Advent

Seek the Lord While He May Be Found!

Isaiah 55:1-6

Tonight begins the second week of advent! The light from our wreath will grow brighter as we light two candles to remind us we are growing closer to the One who is the light.We don't grow closer to Christ because Christmas is getting closer. We are growing closer because we are looking into God's Word each day to find out what He has to say to us. That is how we Seek the Lord. And He may be found every minute of every day until the day of His second coming.Are you truly seeking the Lord? It's not a question anyone else can answer for you. You have to look deep inside yourself and see whether or not you are eagerly reading His Word, spending quality time in prayer and listening to what His Spirit is speaking to you. Use this time of advent to Seek the Lord. Each time you look at a holiday light or a manger scene, take a minute to say a prayer. Tell the Lord you are seeking Him. Remember . . . He is near.

The Magi were looking for a King.
The Magi were looking for a King.

The Third Week of Advent

Seek and You Will Find

Matthew 7:7-11

The magi were looking for a King. They were confident that the star they followed would lead them to someone of majesty. When they came to Jerusalem and didn't find the One they came to see, they didn't give up, they kept on looking. I suspect they didn't expect to find this King born to humble parents and staying in a simple house in Bethlehem, but when they found Him, they didn't hesitate to worship just because He didn't look as they expected Him to.Seek and you shall find . . . for everyone who seeks finds. When we seek Jesus, we will always find Him. However, we have to strive to be like the magi. First, we have to remember to not give up when we don't find Him in the usual places and second, we must never forget to keep our eyes open for Him. He may not look like we expect. The magi weren't expecting a young carpenter's child, but because they sought Him out, they found Him and their discovery brought them great joy!

The Final week of Advent

We Have Found the Messiah

Luke 2:21-40

Simeon and Anna were so excited when they found the Messiah. They had been waiting to see Him for years. Prayer after prayer had been lifted as they searched for the One they knew God was going to send to save the world. They searched for a long time and never gave up, and when they saw Him, they knew! They had found the Messiah!We must persevere. Like Simeon and Anna, when it seems as though we will never find the Promised One, we must keep looking.Tonight we light four candles. Christmas draws near. Look closely all around you because Jesus is near. Pray diligently. Seek with your whole heart. Can you say with us tonight . . . "We have found the Messiah."?

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