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Bloody True True Blood

Updated on October 12, 2016
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Kim has many hubs on entertainment especially movies, and actors. she wrote for Squidoo and now has her own blog

UNdead & loving it

One of my most favorite shows will sadly come to an end with season 7 which starts June 22nd 2014.

You would think with all the vampire shows and movies out there one would get sick of it, not I! I've been a vampire nut pretty much since I've been born* When True Blood showed up 7 summers ago, I went bonkers that there was finally a vampire tv series on the air again. I quickly took to Eric Northman and Sookie's brother Jason Stackhouse. I don't think I knew it was based on a book series at first, and no I haven't read the series, but I did read one of the books; I think it was titled Dead as a Doornail. As the seasons progressed certain ones I liked better than others but I noticed a bit of a degrade in the story at least I think season 4 and 5. When the mythology of Sookie finding the contract that she was promised to Warlow entered the story line, I wondered where it was going. I was happy to see a new face on the show, thanks to Robert Kazinsky for bringing some fresh err.. blood to the show. I thought season six could have been a bit better, don't get me wrong I did enjoy season 5 & 6 but there were aspects that I also didn't like much. However I STILL cannot laugh without hearing,thinking or saying "Fairy Vampire"

For those of you familiar with my Vampire information pages, well with all the information I originally had on my Voracious Vampire lens, and the fact that there was pretty much enough of True Blood to make it's own page I thought it should become it's own entity.

(* so maybe when I was little & read the book Bunnicula but depending on which version of the book you get it's for a pretty young age I currently haveseen a copy that says Level 3 reading, whatever age that would be)

Season 7 motto


Seasons 1-5 episodes Infographic

Season Preview

Sticky fingers on set. what would or did the cast take? I got a chuckle from Joe's answer & am mad they didn't get a certain few others to answer (the ones that really matter if you know who I mean)


Blood on the Dance Floor

#GoodbyesSuck #TrueTotheEnd



True Blod Party

True blood Drinking game

Fangtasia Wall - promos from various seasons

Click thumbnail to view full-size
promo poster
promo poster
promo poster

American Vampire League

Vampires & a few others

Stephen Moyer / Bill Compton Bill Compton was in the (I think it was) Civil war I forget who he was turned by and comes to meet Sookie Stackhouse in the local eatery Merlott's

Stephen & Anna Paquin are now married & have I believe it was a pair of twins

Alexander Skarsgard / Eric Northman Eric Northman was sired by Godrick, during Viking era , and has a sister vamp, Nora. Eric is the Maker of Pam and is the sheriff of Bon Ton when we meet him in the 4th episode of the first season. He is the owner of Fangtasia the vampire bar.

Alex was in the swedish military, and at the age of 19 was a Sargent!!!

Yes that is his (to me surprisingly Younger) brother Gustav that plays fan favorite Floki on the show Vikings.

Rob Kazinsky / Ben aka Macklyn Warlow Read about Rob warlow ages ago was turned by Lillith, then killing his whole village he hates his Vampire nature. Warlow later sets up a contract with one of Sookie's family that he is to marry the first female of the family showing fae powers.

Rutina Wesley / Tara Thornton Tara is from a home where he mom drinks too much & then goes to being way too religious. She ends up in a Vampship and ends up hating vampires so much because of it.

Deborah Ann Woll / Jessica Hamby Jessica is from a religious home. She's shy and is turned by Bill as his punishment for killing another vampire. After being turned, getting allocated to vamp culture is most definitely a nudge to what we go through emotionally as an adolescent.

Kristen Bauer Von Straten / Pam De Baoufort

I was very happy to see Kristen in the magazine my favorite charity sends to its members. Best Friends it's an animal sanctuary & not just for the domestic pets! They have birds of Prey, farm animals & I think they even take care of other wildlife. as Pam she plays the progeny of Eric Northman (or Vamp 'daughter') though they are definitely more than that. They own and run the Bar Fangtasia together

Michael McMillian / Steve Newlin Newlin the former reverend of the Fellowship of the Sun & married to that pretty obnoxiously perky blonde (can't think of her name). Spoiler alert that after the 'blood hits the fan' at the Fellowship shows up a few seasons later a changed man!

Dennis O'Hare / Russel Edgington This vamp is why humans should fear us!

Dennis has been in at least 2 seasons of the hit show American Horror Story, the first season with the haunted house he's spotted usually walking the grounds and in the 3rd season with the Coven he plays the butler. I wonder if he'll be in (as well as to what degree if so) the fourth season titled Freak Show


Anna Paquin / Sookie Stackhouse

Sookie is not just human but turns out her mind reading powers means she's part of the supernatural denizens of Bon Ton, she just doesn't know what she is yet.

Vampires always seem to have a thing for her and well around town some call her a 'Danger ho'

Ryan Kwanten / Jason Stackhouse

basically when brains were given out... I think he only got half. His labito gets him in trouble and always looks like a deer caught in headlights.

Ryan will be yet another Aussie playing a Viking in the Norsemen movie.

He has a dog named Bandit

Nelsan Ellis / Lafayette Lafayette... I have to say he is my favorite Human in the show. The Queen of Bon Ton (& I don't mean the vamp version) He's Sassy and I wish I had the guts for his fashion sense.

In a promo for season 7 Nelsan mentions that he reverts to his Lafayette character often having his friends call him on it!

Joe Maginello / Alcide Herveaux well not sure if I should actually include him here as he's not Human, nor vampire & hasn't slept with a vamp as far as I can remember. Joe plays part of the Shreveport wolf-pack, Alcide has a drunk of a father that was once pack alpha and Alcide does not want the responsibility.

True Blood synopsis & supernatural creatures - infographic

True Blood season 5 characters - Infographic

Blood on the Dance floor

Tru Blood factories are now closed and the vampires are making agreements with humans for safety to drink with the infected vamps out there.

However I have personally re-opened Fangtasia as a human (& government are none the wiser), we're just waiting for a new neon sign to make it FangtaZIa and serving my own version of True Blood. I did get it some what close to tasting like the orignial and Eric and the rest of our friends seem to like it. So if you are a human or Vamp come on down to the NEW Fangtasia ran by Zi (with a little help from Eric & Pam to get me settled)

Tru Blood IS TRUE,.... blood

Will it come with instructions to microwave to 98.6 degrees? I wonder if the drink will have any bite? (Groan)

Yes the Hit of HBO True Blood and the drink itself is now well TRUE! Or shall I say 'de-fictionalized'?

The Bood Orange carbonated drink was introduced in 2009 at the true Blood Forum at Sandiego Coimic Con on July 25, 2009

It's a crisp sweetly tart flavor with a tang. OF course it also has a deep red color to match that of the Tru Blood on the TV series.

The drink is bottled in its own unique 14 oz. Wide-mouth glass bottle (Plastic Now available). Raised Kanji writing around the neck and Tru Blood English lettering on the rim above the label; with a red & gold foiled label emblazoned with the bold Tru Blood logo completing the distinctive look

interested in sampling the show's title beverage but without that nasty metallic aftertaste will enjoy this From

When I purchased a 4-pack it was $4 per 14-ounce glass bottle, which is not a bad deal for fans since the bottles are near replicas of those seen on the show. Sadly as far as the show goes.. the factories that made it have closed, not sure if they will make a limited amount again for the last season but If not.. I have been experimenting with what I had at home to mimic taste (so I would have some while I watch the show!)

FangtaZIa's True Blood Menu

Fangbanger -------------------- 2 oz Vodka 8 oz Tru Blood

Death on the Beach ----------- 1.5oz Vodka 1/2 Peach Snapps 2oz Tru Blood 2oz Orange Juice

Plasmapolitan--------------1.25oz Vodka 1 shot Tru Blood 1/2 shot Lemon juice 1/4 oz triple sec

Tequila Moonrise----------------1 shot Tequila 1 shot Tru Blood 1/2 grenadine

Bloody Maker-ita----------------1 shot tequila 1 shot Cointreau 1 shot Tru blood 1/2 shot lime juice

The Shapeshifter------------1 shot Tequila 1 shot Tru Blood 1/2 shot Chambord 1/2 shot lime juice

Lorena's Revenge--------------1 Shot Tequila 1 shot Tru Blood 1/2 shot White Rum

a splash of Grenadine & a splash of lime juice

Make Your own Tru-Blood

With $4-$5 dollars a pop for a bottle of True Blood, and either having to go to the city to purchase it in the HBO store or order through the mail and now the factories being shut down here's what to do if you want to make your own.

IMPORTANT: It might not taste exactly like the Blood Orange flavor of the Official Drink but I DID try to get it as close as possible.! Even if you Just use the Orange Soda, Grenadine, & a Blood Orange to start!

The season to purchase Blood Oranges is a very small window so why not make some when they are in season & just throw a few wedges in the drink (in a resealable bottle) to have when the show comes on. (It's what I did and nothing bad happens to it)

And if you are like me and saved a few of those old Tru Blood bottles... You can even fill it up!! (especially if You dress as one of the characters for Halloween)

Cook Time

Prep Time: 1-2

Total Time: 5

Serves: 1-2


  • 1 -2 liter bottle Orange Soda
  • 1 -2 shot Grenedine
  • SPLASH Peach Snapps or 'Kinky' Liquor (or something fruit of the Red or Orange variety)
  • Highball glass, (if you don't have a Tru Blood bottle)
  • a splash of Pom juice with nectarine
  • 1 Blood Orange, (if you can find it)


  1. virgin version
  2. 1/2 cup of Orange soda, add a shot of grenadine, taste to see if its to your liking or would prefer more.
  3. remember you still need to include a splash of Pom Juice and the Blood Orange juice. Taste & add to it anything you would prefer more of!
  4. Making it with alcohol?? add liquor here (if you can find something blood Orange flavor use that otherwise I used Peach snapps but you can also use the Pink Kinky Liquer (something fruity like some berry, or whatever. Experiment with it all the more fun & 'Blood Types' to taste!)
  5. Cut blood Orange in Half. Now cut a few slices or wedges out of one of those halves for garnish
  6. & Juice the other into the glasses. you can vary this depending on how many people there are. This is for one person. I have left out measurements as some like things sweeter or stronger than others.
Cast your vote for True Blood receipe by ZI

The Fairy Vampire - 6,000 years old

Truebies - & Interviews w/ the cast

Eric's season 6 finale Fate

Joe Maginello- Has a brother, grew up in the burbs reading Stephen King likes hip hop & is a big fan of Guns -n-Roses see more in video "What's in my bag"

Joe Concierge Q & A


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