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Business Christmas Cards

Updated on July 31, 2015

Corporate Business Cards

When thinking in terms of Christmas business cards, meaning given them to someone we're doing business with, we need to differentiate from a Christmas greetings card which can be sent or given by the business, and a business card itself, which usually includes a Christmas scene and/or message.

I'm only mentioning this because in this article we're going to look at business cards which include a Christmas message for those you share it with.

Corporate Christmas cards can make a nice statement, and it is worth taking a little time to think up something that will make an impression of some sort on those you're sharing them with.

As I'll show below, a Christmas business card doesn't have to be over the top and extravagant, but just a simple but effective graphic and short message that reminds the client you're giving them to of your appreciation for their business, and that you're thinking of them at this special time and season.

One other thing with Christmas cards for business, don't be too overt with your message. In other words, market without marketing. Don't let the idea that you're attempting to sell someone something be part of your corporate Christmas cards. That can easily backfire and bring resentment rather than the desired effect.

That of course doesn't mean you don't include the company or your personal name, just let it be there without saying much anything else, but including some type of season's greetings or merry Christmas. They'll remember you in a good way, rather than feeling they can't escape you even during the Christmas holiday season.

Business Christmas Card with Outdoors Scene

I wanted to start off with this business Christmas card because it works for just about anyone or any business you send or give it to. Almost everyone loves the outdoors, and no matter what part of the country or world you live in, it's a great way to remind people of your business with a great snowy and wintry scene.

Outdoors Scene Business Christmas Card

Christmas Wreath in Outdoors

With this outdoors scene I wanted to include a Christmas wreath in order to show how a business Christmas card can take it a little further for those countries and regions which celebrate and understand Christmas. It's subtle but a nice gesture for those who will appreciate it.

The stand of trees look nice with the snow-covered pine trees in the background.

Humorous Christmas Business Card

Here's a type of corporate Christmas card you can send which makes one laugh the second you look at it, but also reminds the receiver how much you appreciate doing business with them.

It nicely balances humor and fun with a somewhat subtle reminder of how it's great doing business with them. The message sent should be received without the sense that it's being overdone.

Great and effective business card for the Christmas season.

Whimsical Business Christmas Card

Unique Business Christmas Card

I really like this business Christmas card showing a tree in a celestial type of setting, seeming to be traveling across the universe while the elements seem to form the shape of the tree. This type of card can say a lot and really stick in the mind of, and delight, all your clients.

Space Traveling Christmas Tree Business Card

Business Christmas Card with International Flavor

If you do business globally, this is a great way to remind everyone of your reach and expertise across many cultures. I also like the fun way it displays the world as a tree ornament. This really works for me as a corporate Christmas card, and would be relevant to numerous businesses.

Global Christmas Business Card

Choosing a Business Christmas Card

While choosing a business Christmas card isn't exactly rocket science, like any great business, it's attention to the details which make it a success.

And when working with any type of people, they always have a response to everything you do when interacting with them, and taking a little extra time to get a relevant and compelling Christmas business card can pay many dividends, and at the very least keep you from doing something offensive to the receiver, and at best, create some good will for future business interactions.


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