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Tropical Christmas Cards

Updated on July 30, 2014

Tropical Christmas Greetings Cards

For those of us that have lived primarily in cooler climates, we don't always relate to Christmas as it is experienced in southern and tropical climates, where rarely, if ever, is there snow, and Christmas day could be at temperatures that would be considered summer in the northern locations. Consequently, many of us don't consider sending or using tropical Christmas cards, which for those in the warmer climates relate to much more than we could imagine for those enjoying the warmer weather.

What I thought I'd do then is include a number of tropical Christmas cards for you to get an idea on what's available and what those family and friends that now live in warmer climates may enjoy.

Another fun thing that could be done is to send these to those living in cold climates to generate some humorous jealousy over the wonderful Christmas temperatures you're enjoying while they 'suffer' from the frigid cold.

Some other ideas would be to send a tropical Christmas card to someone else in a cold climate while you also live in a cold climate (maybe a few miles further south than they do), letting them know how much better the weather is than it is in the "northern" part of the region.

Either way, tropical Christmas cards are a nice change from the usual Christmas cards, and offer unique images and photos to make even the most hardy northerner wish they were in the south or the tropics for part of the Christmas season.

Hawaiian Christmas Cards

We couldn't talk about or look at Christmas cards from tropical or warmer climates without including Hawaii, and we won't. The next few photos of Christmas cards will feature some that are made with Hawaii in mind.

Aloha Christmas Card




More Tropical Christmas Cards

While Hawaii is the obvious tropical Christmas card theme, it's far from the only one, as you can see in these fun tropical Christmas cards with Santa playing in the sand or resting on a hammock, or images or the rest and relaxation accompanying island life.

Tropical Beach Christmas Card

Santa Buried in the Sand Christmas Card

Christmas card island tropical beach

Christmas card of Santa Claus in Hammock

Tropical Christmas Cards a Unique Alternative

Whether you live in the south, the tropics, or neither, sending these tropical themed Christmas cards are a great way to celebrate Christmas if you do live there, or let your friends and family get a laugh at using the cards to remind them of how cold it is where they are now, and of course how balmy it is where you live.

When someone is expecting a typical Christmas card and instead get a tropical Christmas card, it always makes an immediate impression and brings a smile to your face, along with a little bit of wishing they were there with you.


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    • Shasti Shastipet profile image

      Shasti Shastipet 5 years ago

      So cute! I'm going to send a tropical card this year. I saw more tropical christmas cards on this page

    • Carol the Writer profile image

      Carolyn Blacknall 8 years ago from Houston, Texas

      These do bring a smile. Great hub! - Carol