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Personalized Christmas Cards

Updated on June 16, 2015

Personalized Holiday Cards

When wanting to express oneself personally to friends or loved ones during the Christmas season, I don't think there's anything better than a custom or personalized Christmas card, I'm not sure what it is, especially when you include children, grandchildren, pets or other members of the family in the personalized Christmas card photo.

Personalized holiday cards are so fun and great gifts to keep a part of the family history intact while having great times and events in the moment.

Christmas photo greetings cards are usually the best way to create and give away custom family Christmas cards, as they are the most memorable and appreciated. I say that because you can get caricatures of people made, and while a lot of fun, they aren't quite the same as the real thing. If you are thinking about caricatures of your family, it would be a good idea to include both, or maybe a separate gift of your children in photos.

Since Christmas cards are so personal, especially when it comes to family, personalized holiday cards with photos seem to do much better than illustrated caricatures, unless, as I mentioned, you include other photos with them.

Personalized christmas cards

One thing I do think we have to be careful of is sending photos of our pets to others, unless they really love the pets, as it can be tacky in the view of some people. They'd rather get personalized holiday cards of you if you have no children, than one of your pet. Obviously you know the situation better than anyone else. But I remember receiving personalized holiday cards from relatives which included their pet that I had no idea they even had, and it was weird to me. It's not a big deal, but just kind of strange.

Of course if you want to include a picture of yourself or family with your pets, that's a different story. I'm talking about just sending pictures of pets alone with no one else included in the photo.

Now if your extended or immediate family loves your particular pet and can relate to it, that's something different. But in general, people want to see people when they receive a personalized Christmas card.

Custom Christmas Cards

Custom Christmas Card with Pet

Personalized Photo Christmas Cards

So when thinking of custom Christmas cards, do think it through a little and take into account who it is you're sending the custom Christmas card to and why. It makes a big difference as to the impact and delight on the one you're sending it to.

Also be aware of their personal likes and tastes, and maybe even hobbies, as people like it when you consider their particular interests when personalizing a Christmas card to them. It shows you're thinking of them.

Custom photo christmas cards

Christmas Photo Greeting Cards

If you're sending a personalized Christmas card to a grandpa and grandma you don't have to think too far, as all you have to do is just put the children on a Christmas photo greeting card and you'll be heroes for sure. Nothing will be able to top that, so don't even both going another route as far as general personalized card themes go with grandparents.

Sending family photos to your siblings and close friends is another way to us personalized photo Christmas cards.

Now if you want to send a special message you can take into account the more personal interests of a person.

Personal Photo Christmas Cards

Custom Holiday Cards

The bottom line is custom Christmas cards are fantastic ways to delight family and friends, just remember that Christmas cards are very personal to family and when giving personalized greeting cards with photos to your parents, they have big expectations, and sometimes less is more.

Personalized Greeting Cards

Personalized Christmas Cards

Just send a Christmas photo greeting card of your children in cute clothes and big smiles and you've won the personalized Christmas cards game. It's as easy and simple as that.

If you don't have children, then an up-to-date photo of you in a nice setting works very well for those you want to be personal with.

Personal Christmas cards are a wonderful way to keep in contact with someone you don't see very often, and including photos is one way of making a loving statement to the receiver.

Including wonderful and endearing words and sayings are another way of personalizing your cards that the recipient will not forget as long as they live. That's what makes personalized Christmas cards such a wonderful option.


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