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Carrot Costumes - Fun Carrot Costumes For Kids and Adults

Updated on August 26, 2011

Carrot Costumes Are Fun!

Here's a fun selection of cute carrot costumes for kids and adults. This is a really vibrant costume choice for obvious reasons! You are sure to stand out at any party wearing one of these bright orange outfits. This is a cool costume choice that is great for couples, you could team a carrot costume with a bunny costume, or you could pair it with another vegetable, or piece of fruit.

See below for the super fun carrot costumes for both kids and adults. If you really want to stand out at a party, these costumes are sure to deliver. This is an excellent costume choice that is comfortable, easy to wear and about as stand out bright as you can get!

Carrot Costumes For Kids

How about a big fat awwwwwwwww! This carrot costume is adorable and a lovely choice for any child. The carrot costumes listed are the same, but in different sizes. If the size you want isn't listed, go through to the product pages where there are more size options available.

This is a stand out costume for any child. It comes in tunic form and is made up of fabric over foam. This is a really easy to wear, comfortable costume that will have your child party ready in minutes!

Simply pull over the head for a great costume and fast fancy dress!

Carrot Costumes For Adults

This is a really fun costume choice that will have you the center of attention at any party!

The first carrot costume listed is a 2 piece and comes with carrot tunic and leaf scarf.

The second carrot costume is a 1 piece tunic with attached sleeves.

This is a really easy costume choice to wear, the fabric covered foam tunic simply pulls down over the head and you slip your arms into the sleeves.

If you happen to overindulge and need a lie down whilst out partying, a carrot costumes doubles up great as a comfy sleeping bag!

This is an excellent costume choice for any party!

Giant Carrots!

You can't write about carrot costumes without including some comedy carrots! These are giants, perfect for the cannibal carrot look!

Choosing a carrot costume is a vivid choice for any party, you're sure to get noticed wearing one of these fun costumes!


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