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Is Blue Hair for You?

Updated on October 23, 2015

Blue Hair Coloring

Blue hair as a choice of a hair color is an interesting and brave one, as there are all sorts of shades of blue to choose from, as well as combinations with other colors that work well.

I've found that blue hair seems to work much better when blended in with another color; but that's just my opinion. Others may like it as a standalone color, although it doesn't stand out as much.

Below are several photos of blue hair by itself of worked in with another color. It'll give you some idea of what you'll look like if you want to go that way.

Now some of those choosing blue hair may be sorry they did it, especially with the ones going with a lighter color blue. That, more than darker blue, doesn't appear to look as well as other shades of blue.

Blue Hair

In this first photo of a woman with blue hair coloring, it's not too bad, mostly because it is darker, and also adding that black bow helps it not look alone. It seems with blue hair that it doesn't work as good when it's just sitting there by itself.

Dark Blue Hair Coloring

while this is a nice photo, I'm not that attracted to the hair color and look. I don't think this hair style lends itself to blue, and the contrasting red and white colors for the outfit don't go with the hair color to me.

Loud Blue Hair Color

This is an interesting choice by Jared Leto, and as far as blue goes, it works pretty well. The dark and blue look good to me, and the choice of darker clothing contrasts nicely.

Jared Leto with Blue Hair

John Lawlor decided one day to color his hair blue, and I don't know if there is much needed to comment about the results he got. I wonder who he consulted on the decision to use that color, of it was the first one he grabbed off the shelf?

Very Loud Blue Hair on Jonn Lawlor

The woman below has a very pretty and fair-skinned face, but even that's not enough to counteract the effects of this very light blue hair coloring choice. The more I look at why I don't like some of these, the more I think it has to do not with the shade of blue, but the hairstyle that accompanies it. Let's see what you think with the following two women.

Real Light Blue Hair Coloring

To me the combination of blue and black hair coloring below is one of the best of this bunch of photos.Adding the black bow is a nice touch that works well. It seems the cut of hair and the straighter hair is the best for blue.

Blue and Black Hair Coloring

This is easily my favorite blue hair coloring look below. Again the combination of black and blue looks great, and the straight hair style adds to the success of the hair. Nice.

Blue and Black Coloring

What's fun and somewhat risky about choosing a unique hair color like blue, is you have to do some trial and error to get the look you want. As you can see above, there are a wide range of results; going from outrageous to beautiful. Maybe you like some of those I didn't appreciate, and possibly it's that we see more of the straighter hair styles of the final two women that make them look better. It's hard to tell. But blue can be a great choice of hair color when done right, and there were many combinations we really didn't look at that also could be successful using blue hair coloring.


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    • profile image

      lolCrazyChickWhoLovesBlue 6 years ago

      ;D thanks I just wish My mother would let me get my hair bleached or let me dye it blonde then blue ;D anyways thanks and Your a big help! X Your Fan K.A.M.