Men and Christmas Gifts

  1. realtalk247 profile image72
    realtalk247posted 3 years ago


    Please make sure you give the right gifts this Christmas.  Pay attention to the woman you are dating or are married to so you don't end up disappointing her.

    Does she wear jewelry? If she doesn't then don't buy it for her if she does not like these things.
    If she loves jewelry then have a jeweler help you pick something unique and nice for her.

    No appliances or toys that you really want.
    No cheap gifts.  Make sure to impress and do not give gifts she would rather forget.
    Buy her something she wants not something she needs.

    Gift cards are great in attention to a tangible gift. Buying a gift card only is like saying, figure it out for yourself, here's some cash. If you buy a gift AND give a gift card it means you took time to think of her and you want her to have the option to buy something she wants just in case you did not hit the mark with her present.

    *Pay attention to her as a woman and you will choose the right gift(s).