How to throw party

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    How to throw party

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    Due to global recession, most people cring from throwing a party even for very special occasions like weddings, baptisms, eighteenth birthdays, and many more. During these hard times when cash is short and the budget is limited, it is almost unthinkable to host even a small party. But who says you have to spend beyond your means so that you can share happy moments with family and friends? The temptation to splurge for a happy celebration is always hard to resist. It’s a harsh truth that you must read more

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    By preparing in advance. So you will know how much to get that will satisfy everyone. Make a checklist of what you're going to have. Make sure everyone is of legal age to be there if alcohol is going to be served. Make sure you have a cutoff time for the party to end. Last, most important of all, make sure everyone who has had something to drink has a designated driver to drive them home safely, or allow them to sleepover at your place, or put them up in a hotel room for that night.