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Anyone know of great places to volunteer on Christmas day?

  1. J. McCoy profile image61
    J. McCoyposted 8 years ago

    Anyone know of great places to volunteer on Christmas day?

    I'd like to give my kids a different perspective on Christmas giving. My wife lost her job last Tuesday so our Christmas will be very small this year. But, I'd like to change our focus, from how little we're 'getting' for Christmas, to how much we can do for other people who really need it. Our kids are between 2 and 9 so we'll need to do things that are relatively kid friendly. Any ideas?

  2. ethel smith profile image80
    ethel smithposted 8 years ago

    For those readers who would like to give something back to their community, and volunteer to help those in need at Christmas, there are many places where your help would be greatly appreciated.
    As Hub Pages is a world wide website this Hub will share ideas for volunteering, that are general ideas. It will be no good listing individual places in certain towns to the multi cultural Hub Pages community. Instead this hub will maybe point those willing to volunteer in the right direction. read more

  3. GoGranny profile image76
    GoGrannyposted 8 years ago

    Nice J. McCoy! The Christmas holiday has gotten so commercialized people have become more distracted from what the season is all about. I have two suggestions for you and your family.
    1) Call the Activity Director or Social Worker at your local nursing home and ask if there may be a resident with no family that you could 'adopt' for Christmas. If yes, ask if they could suggest a simple activity that you could do with that person. Something as simple as reading "Twas the Night Before Christmas". Ask if the resident could have cookies and milk. Residents like to be asked about their lives. Show some genuine interest.
    2) Offer to help out at your local soup kitchen. You could help make platters, greet the guests, and/or help with clean up.

    Best Wishes for a Wonderful Christmas ... Looks like you heart is giving you a great start!

  4. J. McCoy profile image61
    J. McCoyposted 8 years ago

    Thank you both. Very good ideas. It looks like the local soup kitchen and/or a hospice are at the top of the list for now.

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