Share what holiday traditions you have in your family? Do you have any, how man

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    Healing Touchposted 7 years ago

    Share what holiday traditions you have in your family?  Do you have any, how many and what are they.

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    Jaynie2000posted 7 years ago

    I always wished that we had some sort of ethnic traditions, but sadly we do not. We do however, have traditional get togethers.

    My kids and I work together to put up our tree and holiday decorations. We play Christmas music and stop midday to enjoy hot chocolate and cookies. We also decorate our yard and home with white lights, spiral trees and other lighted holiday accents.

    The weekend before Christmas, we have my husband's extended family over for a home-cooked gourmet dinner. I do all the cooking. I also make homemade centerpieces, light many candles and make homemade place settings for each person. We love the upscale feeling of that night. We then proceed with coffee, to the living room for gift opening and pictures.

    On Christmas Eve, my husband, children and myself go to church. Then we come home to a wonderful home-cooked dinner. We pour champagne flutes of sparkling cider and retire to the living room for gift opening and family pictures. We usually stay up late. After the kids fall asleep, we fill their stockings with candy, fruit and small gifts and place them on the mantlepiece. The girls wake on Christmas morning to reveal their "Santa" gifts. Even though they no longer believe, we have kept the tradition. After a good breakfast, we dress and head to my parent's home.

    Christmas day is spent with my parents and siblings and their families. We gather at mom's and open gifts, have dinner and take a mid-gift-opening break for Peppermint shakes.

    While I miss the idea of old-world traditions, I love that we have extended family and can enjoy being together at holiday time.