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What should I wear to a Diva party?

  1. prektjr.dc profile image83
    prektjr.dcposted 6 years ago

    What should I wear to a Diva party?

    I am attending a Diva party for adult ladies.  It is a charity event and I want to participate without looking trashy!  I would like suggestions for what to wear?  Dress...long or short?  Leggings...capri or pant?  What colors speak Diva most?  I have solids in most any color and even some leopard and zebra prints!  Which is best?  Also, I have bling and will wear a feather boa and crown, but want the most impact!  I am open to suggestions!!

  2. thebookmom profile image75
    thebookmomposted 6 years ago

    A really Sparkly CROWN and something RED smile

  3. I Am Rosa profile image89
    I Am Rosaposted 6 years ago

    thebookmom nailed it - Sparkles and red, dahhhling!  If you're aiming for diva-trashy, you MUST glitter and sparkle.

    If you can find glittery/flashy fake eyelashes - get them!  Use glitter eye-shadow and lipstick if you can find it.  You will need ridiculously LONG nails with glitter polish or - little gems glued on (remember to do your toe nails, too).  BIG hair with - of course - glitter (a wig will help if you need to) - OR  if you still have the hair cut in your profile pic, you can go for the Liza Minnilli drag-queen look (Google it, my pet!)

    Never leave home without your BLING! boa and crown.  Big earrings, rings with BIG rocks (or passable fakes) and necklaces that draw attentions to your "girls".

    The higher the heels you can navigate in, the better.  Fishnet stockings or something with gaudy patterns and if possible, some bedazzled glitter going on.

    High on the skirt, low on the bodice.  Nothing says diva-trash like, "Look at my boobies!!!"  (Remember to glitter the girls!)

    Most importantly: Do be sure to match everything, dearest :-)

    PS - For the love of all that is DIVA and unholy, come back and POST A PHOTO of yourself a-la Diva-Trash ... we want to snicker - er, support you, sister ;-D

    1. Kathe Jones profile image60
      Kathe Jonesposted 3 months agoin reply to this

      Your suggestions for the Diva party gave me ideas for Halloween. I would love to dress up in the costume you suggested. I hope the fact that I am a man does not offend you.

  4. Mrs. Robin Hood profile image60
    Mrs. Robin Hoodposted 6 years ago

    Being a Diva is all a state of mind! Think you are fabulous and you are! The boa is a must....think sparkly, bold and attention catching! I don't think a Diva has to be trashy at all. It's all about feeling amazing and being confident. I recommend pinks, purples or reds. Even black can work but only if you really have the right attitude. Look up some pictures of the really famous drag queens and you will have the best point of reference. I know that sounds strange but in my experience, the most talented drag queens are gorgeous and completely embody the ultimate woman. I've learned a lot from them! Have a blast!

  5. CeresTine profile image58
    CeresTineposted 6 years ago

    Big hair. Glittery dress. Platform heels. And of course, The Boa.

  6. ryan-cd profile image67
    ryan-cdposted 11 months ago

    As this was 5 years ago I'm guessing you already found your outfit so would be pretty great if you could followup with what you wore, maybe some pictures, for others who stumble across this.