What would you like to see in the ecards?

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    anusha15posted 6 years ago

    What would you like to see in the ecards?

    Or what do you miss in the ecards which feature on popular websites these days?

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    Giselle Maineposted 6 years ago

    I wasn't completely certain of your question.  If you mean the e-card as in the type of greeting card that gets sent by email, my favorite type is the simple, non-animated kind that doesn't play annoying music.  Just like opening a regular card, in fact.  I also think the best kind would be NOT just for special occasions like birthdays, but for any occasion.  I also think there are all too few cards that would be suitable for a wife to give a husband (or any woman to give a man, for that matter).  So a masculine style of e-card would be really good.