My Dad is 65 soon. Any idea's for a present that won't bankrupt me?

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  1. Peanutritious profile image60
    Peanutritiousposted 6 years ago

    My Dad is 65 soon. Any idea's for a present that won't bankrupt me?

    He's not the easiest person to buy for and has expensive tastes. Unfortunately for him he also has a daughter who's broke!

  2. pstraubie48 profile image87
    pstraubie48posted 6 years ago

    give a gift basket filled with special items your Dad is fond of.
    you can make the basket a NICE gift without it being overly taxing to your budget.
    check out here on hubpages....
    Baskets that say I thought of you today
    Coffee Gift Baskets as A Gift for Coffee Lovers
    Wine and Cheese Baskets
    i hope this helps
    and Happy Birthday to your Dad!!!

  3. EyesStraightAhead profile image83
    EyesStraightAheadposted 6 years ago

    You could give him a scrapbook of his life to date. Include fun stories you remember from growing up, things you find out from friends, maybe even have some of his friends write something special to include. This will also give you a fun project to learn more about him! I did this for my parents' wedding and it was fun to learn about who was involved in the wedding, how they planned, etc. They had no idea why I was asking the questions and it felt great a few months ago when I walked in their house and saw it up on the main level instead of with the photo albums!

  4. leni sands profile image75
    leni sandsposted 6 years ago

    From my experience, men prefer practical things - does your dad have a hobby i.e. reading, gardening, vintage/antiques, railway (hornby,etc.) - perhaps a subscription to a magazine regarding something he is really interested in.  Perhaps he likes theatre or going to the cinema - you could buy him a gift ticket!?!   Something for his car, or a book he really wants to read.

    The more I think about it the more difficult it is not knowing the man in question.  Perhaps a little more about his interests would help fellow hubbers with suggestions.

    One more thought, you could cook him a nice meal!?!  Or if you could stretch to taking him out for dinner...?  Really depends on your budget.

    Sometimes a simple walk down memory lane is sufficient - with his daughter at his side...spending precious time together!

    Hope this helps...can discuss more 2moz!

  5. billybuc profile image86
    billybucposted 6 years ago

    Well that depresses me...I'm 63 and could be your  I think it depends on your dad....someone already said men prefer practical things and I don't think I agree with that as a blanket statement. I would much rather get a gift that was well-thought out and had personal meaning to me; I can pick up a hammer or saw any old time by myself.  What is your dad like? Would he prefer a tool set or something made by you or especially purchased with the heart in mind?

  6. Peanutritious profile image60
    Peanutritiousposted 6 years ago

    Thanks for all your answers. Some great suggestions. My Dad is very sociable and the life and soul of the party. He likes the finer things in life, I do too but can't afford to live it up too often! For Christmas I got him a ticket to a comedy night which he was delighted with! I've thought about doing him a painting but have left it rather late (Me all over i'm afraid!)
      I think buying tickets to a concert or show are a good idea as my Dad loves living life to the full. I particularly loved the scrapbook idea. I would be blown away if someone had put all that thought into a gift.


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