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What party occassions do you refuse to miss?

  1. ROLEARY profile image82
    ROLEARYposted 6 years ago

    What party occassions do you refuse to miss?

    I could care less if I miss Easter or Thanksgiving,  me, I never miss a St. Patty's Day or New Year's Eve, in fact, I'm already looking forward to March 17th 2013.

  2. cookies4breakfast profile image59
    cookies4breakfastposted 6 years ago

    One of my best friends feels the same way about St. Patty's Day, and she has a huge party every year.  Sadly, this year we're going to miss it!  The one occasion I never miss is going to my sister-in-law's house for Christmas Eve every year.  She puts together a feast for at least 50 people, has Santa Claus come for the kids, and the highlight of the evening is the big gift swap where you're breaking ugly on relatives over ten dollar gag gifts.  This last Christmas we had the joy of seeing cousins fight over the singing Justin Bieber toothbrush we brought.  Awesome.

  3. Catzgendron profile image71
    Catzgendronposted 6 years ago

    My Grandchild's Birthday Parties and family related parties.

  4. George Greene Jr. profile image61
    George Greene Jr.posted 5 years ago

    I agree with Thanksgiving and easter. Especially Easter.. who throws Easter parties? Only good thing about Thanksgiving is the football parties! i could also care less about class reunions! Who wants to hear the class snob ranting on about his millions he made?

    I will not miss however the following:

    THE SUPER BOWL-all the commaraderie and the drinking and the food!

    SPUR OF THE MOMENT PARTIES- the one's where someone decided to throw one for the pure thrill of it!

    DECEMBER 21, 2012 DOOMSDAY PARTIES-hey if it ends I am going out sloshed, stoned, and in the middle of an orgy!

    ANY PARTY I AM INVITED TO-because i am not a spoilsport!