What should I do to celebrate?

  1. BenjaBenja profile image61
    BenjaBenjaposted 5 years ago

    What should I do to celebrate?

    I realize it is not THAT big of an accomplishment, but I am inching closer to 1k views on my hubs. And since, well, I find an excuse to celebrate anything... I figured I would ask the Hubbing community what the best way is to celebrate!

  2. msorensson profile image71
    msorenssonposted 5 years ago

    Wow..many things..Oh, congratulations!
    I celebrate every night so it will not hold for me...however these might be a few things

    1. Buy yourself flowers
    2. Go out and eat with a loved one
    3. Make a donation to charity
    4. Give someone you love the gift of time..
    5.Above all else...be grateful..this should be #1