How should fathers spend their Father's Day?

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    Mandie28posted 4 years ago

    How should fathers spend their Father's Day?

    Should fathers spend the day with family or do what they want, even if it doesn't involve their kids/family?

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    jabelufirozposted 4 years ago

    Think about his pastimes: Is your dad a sports nut bordering on obsessive or do his friends refer to him as Mr. Fix-It? Does he love the great outdoors or would he rather spend his day in front of his home theater system? If you were buying your father a gift, you would use the same procedure to determine the perfect gift.

    You can spend the day alone with him or include the entire family. If it's just you and him for the day, forget fishing. You can play a game of tennis or golf if that's what he enjoys or you can go to a baseball game with him. What better way to bond with dad than by watching the game together over hot dogs and popcorn, rather than at home where the two of you are constantly interrupted?

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