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Do you ever buy yourself birthday presents?

  1. jaydawg808 profile image90
    jaydawg808posted 3 years ago

    Do you ever buy yourself birthday presents?

  2. Carol Reed profile image76
    Carol Reedposted 3 years ago

    I believe I have bought myself something nice around my birthday, a time or two and then said that I bought myself a birthday gift. Most of the time when my children were young and if someone gave me a gift card or money for my birthday, usually I would spend it on my children or someone other than myself. I don't know why but I just did.

  3. profile image0
    sheilamyersposted 3 years ago

    Not usually on my birthday, but as Carol said, there I times I buy myself something nice and say I bought it for my birthday present.

  4. Amanda108 profile image92
    Amanda108posted 3 years ago

    I never have, but then I'm lucky enough to have people to buy presents for me. If I had the money and I wasn't expecting treats and presents from other people then I wouldn't hesitate to buy myself something. A birthday should be celebrated, no matter who is doing the celebrating!