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X'mas gift

  1. unclesam profile image53
    unclesamposted 8 years ago

    hey frnds...it x'mas time...present tym...
    will u guys help me out with some x'mas gifts i culd buy for ma gf?

    1. DogSiDaed profile image58
      DogSiDaedposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      Something nice, but something practical that lasts. On the card front perhaps make a nice one. The effort will be appreciated smile

      Without knowing your gf specifically I couldn't conclusively say though

  2. pylos26 profile image79
    pylos26posted 8 years ago

    Yeah...you could give him an uncle sam suit.

  3. unclesam profile image53
    unclesamposted 8 years ago

    cmon guys help me out!

  4. unclesam profile image53
    unclesamposted 8 years ago

    did u mean a gimp suit?

  5. profile image0
    Dominique Tengposted 8 years ago

    Your question is not quite clear... Do you really want to buy a gift? And if so, there is probably no one to help you out. We don't know your "gf", so we cannot even imagine what she might be like. Take time to think about it. Consider what she likes, what she dislikes, what are her hobbies, what she is talking about, what makes her heart bit a bit faster. Get some clues from her and make your gift personal. This really will be the best thing you can come up with.

  6. docrehab profile image59
    docrehabposted 8 years ago

    Give her a white RABBIT!

  7. Karina S. profile image60
    Karina S.posted 8 years ago

    gift card to her favorite store, spa

  8. Lita C. Malicdem profile image62
    Lita C. Malicdemposted 8 years ago

    Give her a Bible and a prayer book. I'm sure she'll appreciate those.