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What is your favorite Thanksgiving tradition?

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    elayne001posted 15 months ago

    What is your favorite Thanksgiving tradition?

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    gregasposted 15 months ago

    My girlfriend and I spending our 3rd Thanksgiving together. Last year we went to Pachanga casino and we will again this year. We have decided to make that OUR tradition since both of our kids and grandkids all go their own way for that holiday. We are both almost 70 and that will be our way of enjoying each other on the holiday. She actually won $780.00 on a penny machine last year. We never go hoping to win. Anyway, that will be what we are doing for Thanksgiving. For Christmas we take turns spending the day, one with hers, the next with mine.

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      elayne001posted 15 months agoin reply to this

      Great ideas for retirees! Wishing you a Happy Holidays this year, too!!

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    Say Yes To Lifeposted 15 months ago


    I like to volunteer on Mauna Kea, so I can enjoy their fabulous dinner for free.  This year, I got invited to a friend's house, so I won't be doing it then.
    When I lived in Silicon Valley, the day after Thanksgiving, the Stanford Outing Club would host a "Walk the Turkey Off" hike.  It was 8 miles through the Santa Cruz mountains.  Afterwards, we would attend a contra dance in the Felton Town Hall.  It was the ideal celebration for me - feast, then walk / dance it off.