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Do you celebrate a flag on Flag Day?

  1. RTalloni profile image87
    RTalloniposted 9 months ago

    Do you celebrate a flag on Flag Day?

    Whether the shooter at the baseball practice chose this day because it is Flag Day or perhaps the President's birthday or has no idea of those connections to his crime we do not know, but the American Flag Day is an opportunity to consider ways our citizens can unite.

    Do you fly a flag or make a special effort to celebrate being an American in some way on Flag Day each year? Do you embrace the chance to come together in spite of differences and appreciate the opportunities to work together for solutions to problems, or are you dismissive of Flag Day because of the current political climate?

  2. gregas profile image81
    gregasposted 9 months ago

    My American flag flies everyday and at night with a light shining on it. Just like Valentine's Day, I don't need a special day to show my love, not even for the love of my country.

    1. RTalloni profile image87
      RTalloniposted 9 months agoin reply to this

      It's great to read your answer. Good for you! We know a few people who take on the responsibility that comes with keeping a flag flying year round. Do you celebrate this holiday in a special way? (I proofed the body of this Q, but not the title, obvi

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      Ericdierkerposted 4 months agoin reply to this

      I had missed this. I was a color guard for my city for 2 years. the light shining at night is full respect. I was on call for inclement weather.
      I no longer see flags in my neighborhood without seeing those behind them. Thank you.

  3. Ericdierker profile image53
    Ericdierkerposted 9 months ago

    We sure do around here. Review of the Pledge of Alligiance. And of course the playing of the Star Spangled Banner. 7 red stripes - blood. 6 white stripes - purity. 13 original colonies. Now proudly 50 great stars for our 50 united and great states.
    Our great legend Betsy Ross. Francis Scott Key.
    And if we ever forget The famous Battle of Iwo Jima we do disservice.

    In our home we have a very legal, very proud immigrant and a seven year old so the day has great significance.
    A good note: We live in a bastion of new age liberalism called California. And despite rumors to the contrary, every day our local schools still start each day with the Pledge of Allegiance with "under God".

    1. RTalloni profile image87
      RTalloniposted 9 months agoin reply to this

      That's great stuff. Remembering that the flag has flown throughout the country's history is important. It is amazing to hear about California schools starting each day with the Pledge.  Do all, or just those in your district/county/region?

  4. wrenchBiscuit profile image82
    wrenchBiscuitposted 9 months ago


    No! I would never own, nor fly an American flag. Woodrow Wilson spoke many years ago of how the United States government had been hijacked by a shadow government. It is not possible to work together with people who continue to vote for one puppet ruler after another. I have provided here a very short list of my reasons why I would never fly such a flag. It would require at least a 3,000 word essay to cover the full scope of horror and evil that has been wrought by the scourge of Colonialism, and the history that surrounds the flag of the United States.

    • The United States became "great" through murder,genocide, thievery, and the institution of slavery.

    • The U.S. government has conducted heinous experiments on people of color throughout the years. One of the most infamous was the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment; an experiment conducted between 1932 and 1972 by the U.S. Public health Service. Black men, without their knowledge, were injected with syphilis in order to study the progression of the disease. They were never told or treated for the disease. The authorities simply observed, took notes, and watched them die.

    • U.S. corporations continue to pollute the earth, air, food, and water for the sake of profit.

    • Thousands of U.S. military personnel have needlessly died, not for the sake of freedom, but for the sake of oil and U.S. Imperialism.

    • People of all races are being brutalized and murdered by the police, yet very little is being done to limit the power of these criminals in uniform.

    • My parents were Indigenous. When they purchased a 200 acre farm in the Midwest during the 1950's white racists sought to drive them off their land with violence and intimidation. The authorities would not help them. They had to buy a rifle and a shotgun for protection. They actually engaged in several firefights with the racists until the cowardly Americans finally backed down.

    • I am a Vietnam Era Veteran, and served six years.  The government reneged on it's promise of lifetime dental care for veterans. That was part of the deal when I signed up. But comprehensive dental care for all veterans was ended shortly after the end of Operation Desert Storm in 1991. I take great offense when ignorant people say, "Thank You for your service!" If the American people really cared about veterans they would spend money on dental care instead of bombs. There wouldn't be one homeless veteran living in the United States. It's nothing but lip service.