The blessings of a new year

  1. jemflores profile image61
    jemfloresposted 7 years ago

    For some, we started this new year with the right foot. We've been witnessing how greatly God has move in this couple of weeks and we're waiting for Him to do much more as we enter the month of february and so.

    But there's those to whom this new year hasn't been so great. If you're part of that crowd, let me tell you that you're not alone. If the storm is hitting you hard and tough, just wait a little longer. There is no storm that lasts too long. The longest storm was in  the book of Genesis, the great flood, and that was where the rainbow was first seen. The rainbow represents the grace of God. After your storm, you will see the rainbow all over you.

    Think what could be your rainbow. What it's your prayer to God? Just hold on a little while longer, your rainbow it's going to be magnificent!