How To Have A Perfect Not Bummer Summer:)

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    valval4everposted 6 years ago

    Let's face it summer can be a long time if it's boring. That's why the key to a thrilling fun filled summer is to make everything you do 20 times funner:) You have to make it happen. Where ever you are spice things up a little bit with some creativity and some good buds:)

    Bucket List- Before you do anything you need a Bucket List. How it works: You write down everything you want to do this summer and you can put it all in a little bucket . Then everyday you can draw out one piece of paper and do whatever it says on it. A Bucket List also comes in handy when you an a friend can't agree on what to do.

    A Do it All Friend- You need a friend who isn't going to be away the while summer on constantly. This friend has to be up to anything. It doesn't always have to be a friend, you can also have a sibling,neighbor,cuisine be your Do it All person. This is a very important step because for some things you may want to do this summer you need a buddy. It's safer,funner and you get to know more about each other.

    Time to Spice Things Up- Now that you have a your Bucket List and a buddy it's time to make the fun happen. Now you need to write down daring and funny things for dare and put them in a separate bucket. So now you can draw something out of the Bucket List and The Dare Bucket. And depending on what Bucket List thing you got you have to do it,while doing the dare. Don't get carried away with it because you don't want to embarrass yourself or your friend. And don't do anything dangerous or illegal.

    This is an AWESOME way to spend you summer. It's fun and super funny. You will spend hours entertained with the Bucket List Dares!smile and Best of all no more Bummer Summer!wink

    Here are some Bucket List Dares Ideas:
    Go to the mall dressed as your favorite villain .
    Perform a comedy play in the middle of your local park.

    Model in a store and pretend to be a maniquean. ( This is very fun to do ,specially in a mall)

    Ride a roller coaster and when they take a picture try to do your best Elvis Presley look.

    Go in front of music store and when a song you like comes on sing it as loud as you can.

    Hope This is the Best Not Bummer Summer:)