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Fred and Friends - Cool Gifts For The Home

Updated on August 31, 2011

Fred and Friends Make Really Cool Gifts

Here's a bumper selection of all things Fred and Friends, these quirky, original and fun items for the home are excellent gifts that can be enjoyed by all the family. If you are looking for novelty gifts that are both stylish and fun, this is a great selection to choose from. There's a huge range of Fred and Friends products listed, so you'll be sure to find the perfect gift.

Listed below are Fred and Friends Cup and Mugs, Glasses, Plates, Bowls, Cutlery, Ice Cube Trays, Reusable Ice Cubes, Creamers, Salt and Pepper Shakers, Utensils, Cake Molds, Measuring Cups and Spoon and last but not least, Toast Stamps.

There are seperate sections for each category, so scroll down to find the section you're specifically looking for or browse through each section for more brilliant gift ideas.

Fred and Friends Cups and Mugs

If you're looking for really cool gift ideas then you've come to the right place. Everything that Fred and Friends create is at the height of design, these products are quirky, cool, imaginative and fun.

These cups and mugs are stand out items that showcase just how visually intriguing Fred and Friends products are.

Choose between the hard as nails Fisticup mug, the 3 cups stacked illusion mug, the 2 carat ring cup in either gold or platinum finish, or the short stacked 2 cups illusion cup that comes in a set of 2.

These are really high design pieces that showcase just a tiny bit of just how cool Fred and Friends products are. Anything from this range would make an excellent gift for any occasion.

Fred and Friends Glasses

Drinking glasses are always a really practical gift to choose, but these have the added bonus of not only being novel, but being of high quality with a contemporary design edge.

The Hopside Down Glass is a traditionally shaped beer glass but with an upside down bottle shape inside that holds your drink. Fred and Friends love to use optical illusions in their product designs and this is a great example.

The Bubushkups are not only a colorful and fun design, but just like the images on the glasses, they stack the same as Russian matryoshka dolls so are space saving. The glasses come in 3 sizes of 8, 10, and 14 ounce volume.

The Polluted Glass comes in a set of 2 and has a mischievous hazardous waste drum design.

The Bombs Away Shot Glasses come in a set of 2 and just like the Hopside Down Glass, they have a shape inside the typical glass shape where the drink is contained. This time in the shape of a bomb with a frosted glass finish.

The Cool Shooters are actually shot glass molds. Made with food grade silicone rubber, you simply fill the molds with water or juice and pop them in the freezer to set. Cool Shooters come in a set of 4.

The Heads Up Glasses come in a set of 2, a boy face and a girl face. These are quirly, fun glasses that have optical illusion designs. When the glass is upright the faces are smiling, when the glass is upside down the faces are frowning.

The Wine Stein is another optical illusion, just like the Hopside Down Glass and the Bombs Away Shot Glasses. This time the outer glass is in the shape of a beer stein, but the drink is actually held in an inner wine glass.

Bottoms Up is a 2 piece shot glass set that is yet another clever optical illusion. When the glasses are upright they read drink, when turned upside down they read drunk.

Any of these Fred and Friends glasses would make excellent gifts for people who love cool contemporary design and quirky, fun items for their home.

Fred and Friends Plates

These are clever plates that can get kids who are fussy eaters more interested in food. The old saying of "don't play with your food" goes out of the window here! These plates are designed for doing exactly that.

The Fred and Friends Food Faces come in boy and girl designs and are intended to make eating more fun. You simply arrange the food on the plate to create hair, jewelry, beards, moustaches, anything you choose. For fussy eaters of all ages, this is a fun way to serve a meal. Both food faces come in gift boxes that have lots of face design examples to fire up your creativity.

The Smile Plate comes in a set of 2 and is a real novelty for the dinner table. In the middle of the ceramic plate is a circular mirror for checking to make sure that your teeth are free from leftover bits of food and / or to check that you're still looking hot! A real conversation piece for any dinner party.

Fred and Friends Finger Food Plates are cocktail sized and come in a set of 10. The novel but extremely practical aspect of these plates is that they feature a ring at the bottom of the plate so the plate sits on your finger, you don't actually have to hold it. Perfect for hors d'ouevres and party snacks, you'll never need to put down that glass again!

Fred and Friends Cutlery

Perfect for little ones and those who are young at heart, this selection of Fred and Friends cutlery is designed to delight and inspire, making meal times lots of fun.

The Snack and Stack set comes with a fork, knife and spoon and has colorful lego like handles that can be stacked together.

The super cool named Dinnersaurs set is a fork and spoon with silicone handles that look like the bodies of dinosaurs.

Air Fork One is a kid sized fork that has an airplane shaped handle. Perfect for the airplane feeding tactic!

Souper Action Figure is a real novel example of Fred and Friends design, this is an action figure brightly dressed in purple with a S logo and a spoon for a head! Kids and anyone with a love of comics or superhero movies will absolutely love this.

Inset is a stylish, highly contemporary set of salad servers made from stainless steel. The spoon has the fork shape cut out so that when you are storing them, the fork fits perfectly into the spoon for easy storage.

The Chewdriver Kids Eating Utensils come in a set of fork, knife and spoon. The quirky part is that the handle, shaped just like a screwdriver handle, is magnetic and attaches to each utensil seperately.

The Chowbots Kids Untensils are a set of fork and spoon that have blue and red silicone handles that look like robotic arms.

Flop Tops are a cute fork and spoon set that has silicone handles with faces and stand up tactile silicone hair.

Fred and Friends Ice Cube Trays

There's a lot of ice cube trays to choose from here, all really cool and perfect side gifts or stocking fillers.

These are really cool gifts that will get used time and time again. There are lots of novelty ice cube trays available, but these are the cream of the crop!

There's a Fred and Friends Ice Cube Tray to suit all personalities!

Fred and Friends Kitchen Utensils

If you're looking for a quirky, fun gift for someone who likes to cook and spend time in the kitchen, this is an ideal selection to choose from. Innovative, cool gadgets led by style and design, but highly functional.

Chimpstick Chopsticks are great for anyone who has trouble using chopsticks or for teaching kids how to use them from scratch. This funky monkey design holds the 2 chopsticks in place so they don't become tangled in your fingers. Really easy to use and a great design.

Batterfinger Spatula is a real novel design that has a hand at the end of the spatula sporting a comedy sized finger to scrape the bowl with. Perfect for home bakers with a sense of humor!

The Buona Server is a seemingly classic pasta server made from beechwood, but with the added design of silicone spaghetti as the handle.

Piboss is a heavy duty pizza cutter in the shape of a circular saw! Perfect for even the most deep crust pizza with extra toppings, this is a fun pizza cutter that is sure to get some laughs.

The Table Saw. This is a real novelty, a very large knife in the shape of a saw that is perfect for carving the turkey, or cutting the cake. A real show stopper for any party.

Salad Tools are Just that, but in the form of wrenches. Made from beechwood, these are fun gifts but highly practical.

The Pastasaurus is a cool pasta server with the head of a dinosaur that captures the pasta in its teeth. A really fun, novel way of serving up a family meal.

Mix Stix Spoons are a pair of wooden spoons, one for mixing, one slotted. These have handles in the shape of drumsticks and the slotted spoon has a musical note hole in it.

Hot Head Pac Man is a 100% silicone pot holder that comes in the shape of a pac man head with game board design inside.

Fred and Friends Cake Molds

If you love baking cakes or are looking for a cool gift for a home baker, these Fred and Friends cake molds are something else. These are brilliant designs that will give you the quirkiest cakes around!

The Cakewich Cake Mold is one of the best cake molds around. You simply bake your cake, slice through the middle and add fillings of your choice. There you have a cake that looks like a sandwich! The Cakewich Mold comes with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich cake recipe.

The Teacup Cakes Cupcake Molds comes as a 4 piece set with saucers included for elegant presentation. This is a really cute cupcake style that looks gorgeous with colored frosting. Serve your cupcakes in a delighful cup and saucer presentation for wow factor hosting.

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Peace Sign, Fred and Friends have designed this super cool peace sign cake mold. A portion of the proceeds for this cake mold go to non profit organisations who support peace and human rights. This cake mold comes with a recipe for tye dye flannel cake. Peace man!

The Nomskulls Cupcake Molds come in a set of 4. These are cute skull designs that are perfect for Halloween.

Yumbots Robot Cupcake Molds come in a set of 4, all different colors and designs. These cute little cupcake molds have heads that swivel and come in a cute gift box.

Fred and Friends Salt and Pepper Shakers

These salt and pepper shakers are lovely gifts that are both practical, contemporary in design, sleek and stylish and fun. These will brighten up any dinner table.

The cutely named Salt and Peeper shaker is an adorable item that has a super cool design. When not in use the little bird's eyes are blue, when his head is turned to the right his eyes turn white and he dispenses salt. If his head is turned to the left, his eyes turn black and he dispenses pepper. This is a really cool gift that is a great conversation piece.

Salt and Pants comes in 2 pieces, the little figure that dispenses salt and the interconnecting pants that dispense pepper. A stylish, but novelty gift idea for any home.

The Spilt Salt and Pepper Shaker make up 2 halves of a traditional shaker. One side is white and the other black. They fit together magnetically and can be used individually or together.

Saltside Out is similar in design to the cool Hopside Down, Bombs Away and Wine Stein glasses featured near the top of the page. This cool salt shaker is a traditional shaped salt shaker inside a more contemporary design. The salt is housed outside of the traditional shaker shape for a cool optical illusion.

The Salty The Snowman Salt Shaker come in a quirky snowman design where ther salt pours through the eyes and is refilled via the carrot nose. This is an excellent Christmas side gift or stocking filler.

Salt and Playtime is a lovely design that is reminiscent of alphabet blocks from childhood. Each block is made from maple and is screen printed with S and P and salt shaker designs.

Fred and Friends Measuring Cups and Spoons

Here's a novel way to get your recipe quantities right.

The Measuring Matroyshkas are a set of 6 dry measuring cups in the form of Russian dolls for easy storage. Simply pop the smallest into the next size up and so on to have one measuring cup housing the other 5 for space saving. You get 1/4 cup, 1/3 cup, 1/2 cup, 2/3 cup, 3/4 cup, and 1-cup sizes.

The Equal Measure Measuring Cup not only measures your ingredients, but also has some humorous, quirky facts on it. You can measure in cups, milliliters, and ounces, but also find out about how much honey a bee hive produces in a day plus lots more.

The M Spoons Measuring Spoons are designed in the Matroyshkas theme. Each of the 5 spoons has an image of a Russian doll on it and they nest inside each other whilst being held together on a metal bead chain.

Fred and Friends Toast Stampers

2 great designs to choose from, simply stamp your bread, pop it in the toaster and hey presto! Toast with images on it.

Go for the Eiffle Tower image with Bonjour written above, or the Holy Toast design featuring Mary.

Fred and Friends Reusable Ice Cubes

Choose from Tipsy Toes red shoes (6 ice cubes), Defrosty carrots and coal pieces (3 carrot ice cubes and 6 coal shaped ice cubes), or Cold Boulders Rocklike resuable ice cubes (8 ice cubes) to pop in your drinks.

These reusable ice cubes are water filled with plastic outers. Colorful and fun for any drinks.

Fred and Friends Bowls

These Fred and Friends Bowls are as contemporary as it gets.

Spilt Milk is a brilliant design of an accident waiting to happen. It has a design element on one side of the bowl that looks as if something has fallen into the bowl and the milk is splashing out over the side. This is a fantastic design that needs to be seen up close for full appreciation. Spilt Milk is made from high grade soft silicone.

The Unzippered Bag is just as ingenious, it's a glass bowl that looks as though it's a unzipped plastic bag. A brilliant coffee table piece that is sure to get the conversation flowing.

Fred and Friends Creamers

Choose from the Half Pint Creamer made from tempered glass in the shape of a milk carton, or the Calf and Half Creamer where there is an udder design within the traditonal creamer shape that holds the milk.

Brilliant designs for serving milk in a fun and quirky manner.


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