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Bacon Products - Cool Bacon Gifts For Bacon Lovers!

Updated on April 25, 2012

Bacon, Bacon Everywhere!

Here's a silly but super fun selection of all things bacon, except bacon! We've got bacon clothing and accessories, bacon flavored foods such as popcorn, lollipops, mints and jelly beans. There's also bacon grooming products, a bacon car air freshener, plus lots more. If you're a fan of bacon or are looking for a bacon gift, you've come to the right place!

These bacon products make excellent funny gifts, and with prices starting at less than $1, there's a bacon product to suit all budgets.

See below for the selection of bacon smelling and tasting items, plus clothing and accessories. If you want to make a bacon lover smile, buy them a goofy bacon gift to enjoy!

Bacon Products - Grooming

Start the day off with bacon flavored dental floss, wash with bacon soap, keep your lips nice and bacon moist with lip balm and keep some bacon flavored toothpicks with you to remove any actual bacon bits left behind!

Bacon rocks, we all know that, and now you can have bacon in every aspect of your daily life!

These are great novelty items that make excellent gifts and are sure to get the conversation flowing. Think stocking stuffers and side gifts, these are fun items that will go down well with anyone with a sense of humor.

Plus, check out the prices, cool gifts that are cheap, it doesn't get better than that!

But there's lots more to see, scroll down for all the other bacon products to choose from. There's some real quirky, fun stuff available!

Foods That Taste Like Bacon, But Aren't Bacon!

Here's a varied selection of bacon flavored products. You can go for Jelly Beans, Mints, Chocolate, Lollipops, Gumballs, Gummy Candy, Popcorn and Sunflower Seeds. Yum.

With this selection it's possible to ingest just bacon flavored products for an entire day, cool huh?!

I'm especially liking the bacon flavored popcorn, I'm thinking it would make Babe a much more enjoyable movie experience.

Bacon is all powerful, have you ever met a 'vegetarian' who eats bacon? Chances are that's a yes. No offense to proper vegetarians, but those 'vegetarians' who eat bacon just can't help but succumb to the power of the pig! Once that bacon aroma takes hold, there's no going back.

Nom, Nom, Nom!

I've always loved bacon, but I get much more satisfaction from eating it these days due to countless hours spent playing Angry Birds.

Bacon Clothes and Accessories

These are perfect gifts for any bacon lover. Display your love of bacon for the world to see with these cool bacon clothes and accessories.

You're spoilt for choice here, a bacon scarf, belt, tie, t-shirts, wallet, cardholder, sports brief and watch.

You can never have too many bacon related products. Any of these items would make great gifts, they're novel items that are sure to be fun talking points.

Keep warm with a bacon and egg scarf and make yourself hungry in the process. No nibbling though!

Make sure that your pants aren't on the ground with the funky bacon belt.

Get smart with the bacon tie. Who said ties were boring, liven up any office attire with this sizzler!

Go casual with the bacon t-shirts and attract fellow bacon lovers to your cause.

Flash your cash with the bacon wallet.

Show off your array of credit / membership cards with the bacon cardholder.

Get snug in the bacon sports brief. No mention of pork here.

And check the time for your next bacon eating session with the bacon watch.

It's easy to fill an entire day with bacon thanks to these quirky clothes and accessories. You know you want to.

If buying any of these bacon products as a gift, be sure to get some bacon gift wrap listed below. Any gift wrapped this way will look good enough to eat! Though that isn't advisable.

Bacon Products That Don't Fit In The Other Categories

So here we have bacon band aids, bacon car air freshener, bacon gift wrap and a 2011 bacon calendar.

If you're buying someone a bacon gift, the bacon gift wrap is a no brainer. For any bacon lover, a gift wrapped in that is sure to be opened first!

The bacon calendar is sure to be a winning gift, there's full color pages with sizzling bacon photos, lots of bacon trivia, recipes and quotes about bacon. This is a bacon lovers must have item!

Make every car journey far more pleasurable with some bacon air freshner. Just think of that delicious aroma every time you open the door.

As for the band aids, these are fun, cool, quirky gifts that are sure to bring a smile to whoever receives them.

At these prices, you can afford to convert all your friends and family to the bacon way of life!

Bacon Books

Get knowledgeable about bacon with these excellent books that contain lots of interesting stuff.

Bacon: A Love Story is packed full of bacon facts, there's also sections about curing methods and traditions, plus how to make your own. Profiles of chefs who use bacon in innovative ways in their restaurants and over 20 imaginative bacon recipes to try.

Everything Tastes Better With Bacon contains 70 classic and contemporary recipes, information about fat content (surprisingly good news!), how to buy, store, handle and cook various types of bacon, plus a resource list for how to find hard to locate specialist bacon.

The Bacon Cookbook has over 150 recipes from near classic to very experimental! Recipes for every meal of the day. It also contains different kinds of bacon and a mail order list for sourcing them.

These bacon books are really cool gifts for anyone who loves cooking with bacon.

Bacon Facts

Did you know...

  • Salting pork bellies originated in China around 1500bc. Bacon is one of the oldest preserved meats known of.
  • The word Bacoun was used in the 1500's to describe all cuts of pork. During the 1600's the word Bacon as we know it today began to be used to describe just cured pork.
  • Bacon rocks!


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