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6 Fun and Weird Halloween Costumes for Couples

Updated on May 9, 2020

Want to be different from other people? Wear something unique and unusual for Halloween

Rasta Imposta lightweight plug and socket Halloween costume for couples
Rasta Imposta lightweight plug and socket Halloween costume for couples

If you're celebrating Halloween or going to a Halloween event or party with your lover, the both of you could consider wearing a couples costume or costumes with a similar theme.

There are many costumes for couples that you can find out there. The usual ones include being a prince and princess, ghost groom and ghost bride, or even a vampire lord and vampire lady.

However, if you want to be different from all the others who would likely go for the usual outfits, you and your significant other could opt to wear unusual couples costumes for Halloween.

What are some of these unusual couples costumes that you and your partner can choose to wear for Halloween?

Unusual, funny, weird, strange, odd Halloween costumes for couples
Unusual, funny, weird, strange, odd Halloween costumes for couples

Unusual Halloween Costumes

These kinds of Halloween costumes aren't just unusual. Some of them can even be deemed as downright hilarious or just plain weird. But what's wrong with that? Halloween doesn't have to be scary.

Neither you nor your partner are obliged or required to look creepy and frightening for Halloween unless the party you're going to just so happens to have that as a requirement.

Costumes for lovers and those that want to be different

Rasta Imposta Lightweight Plug and Socket Couples Costume
Rasta Imposta Lightweight Plug and Socket Couples Costume
Planning to celebrate Halloween with your lover? Why don't you wear a matching or couple costume to complete each other's looks and show people that you're together? You can see more Halloween costumes for couples below.

While those who are dressed up to look horrifying and those who are dressed up to look glamorous and stylish can draw the crowd's attention to themselves, even those who would decide to don these unusual couples costumes are certain to be able to easily stand out and also be the center of attention thanks to how different and interesting these outfits can look.

Here are some of the unusual-looking costumes for couples that you can find and acquire for Halloween:

1. Crayons Costume

Like art and drawing?

Are you and your lover childhood friends? Perhaps you two met when you were still young and spent many a time playing together, which included coloring and drawing on whichever surface you can reach the way kids are sometimes wont to do.

Or maybe you and your partner met each other at an art or drawing class where you both found that you shared the same interest in the arts and the same love for drawing.

For those with such memories of drawing and coloring together with your significant other, you could decide to dress up as Crayola crayons for Halloween.

Rasta Imposta Crayola
Rasta Imposta Crayola
The default pic for this item currently only displays the costume for men, but if you check the site, you'll see that there's also a crayola costume for women. The colors this costume comes in includes pink, blue, green, red, and yellow.

You get to choose between a variety of different colors like blue and green, so pick out your favorites.

But even if you and your lover aren't exactly interested or all that fond of crayons and drawing, you might still find these costumes too colorful and amusing to pass up and decide to dress up as crayons anyway.

With these crayon costumes, you two might just discover a newfound interest in the arts, so have fun this Halloween and color each other's world.

2. Bacon and Eggs

Like food and eating?

Maybe instead of being childhood friends with your boyfriend or girlfriend, you actually met each other when you were much older.

Perhaps you met early morning at some cafe or restaurant where you were both having breakfast together and it just so happens that both of you chose bacon and eggs as your morning meal.

This outfit is perfect for couples who have fond memories of eating together and/or who love bacon and eggs
This outfit is perfect for couples who have fond memories of eating together and/or who love bacon and eggs | Source

If both of you share the same love for the delicious bacon and eggs combination, then you surely can't go wrong with donning such a tasty-looking costume.

Maybe you can even remember how you guys would cook breakfast for each other for no particular reason and just because you wanted to show just how much you love each other.

3. M&M's

Like chocolates and candies?

If you and your lover both have a sweet tooth and are extremely fond of chocolates and candies, then you can dress up as one of the more popular and well-known brands out there, namely the M&M's.

This is especially so if one or the both of you actually consider these yummy colorful candies as one of your most favorites of sweets.

The perfect Halloween costume for couples who love sweets
The perfect Halloween costume for couples who love sweets | Source

Perhaps the both of you can remember bonding over these M&M's. Did you give your girlfriend a box of chocolates as a Valentine's Day present?

Or did you give your boyfriend packets of candies as one way to cheer him up when he was feeling down?

4. Wine and Cheese

Like fine dining?

So far, we've had food costumes comprising of bacon, eggs and even M&M's. But for those wanting some form of drink to be a part of their costume, the wine and cheese outfit may be the solution to that.

With this costume, you get food and drinks, which is practically like a complete meal already.

Wines might remind you of the dinner dates you've had with your lover, wherein you went to some fancy restaurant with good food and good drinks.

Wine and cheese Halloween costume for couples
Wine and cheese Halloween costume for couples | Source

You must have had the time of your life eating, talking, and getting to know your significant other.

The Wine and Cheese Costume might look more funny than romantic (okay, scratch that, it's definitely more funny than romantic), but it should serve as a nice reminder of the dinners and dates that you spent with your lover.

5. Spoon and Fork

Always a pair, they go hand-in-hand

If you have more fond food-related memories with your partner that goes beyond more than just having breakfast, eating sweets, or having dinner dates together, then you might be more inclined to go with a spoon and fork costume to encompass and represent these memories.

Perhaps you and your lover are always eating out, having lunch and snacks together apart from just breakfast and dinners.

Maybe you can even remember your girlfriend or boyfriend cooking meals for you as you also recall the times you did the same for him or her.

Fork and Spoon Halloween Costume for Couples
Fork and Spoon Halloween Costume for Couples

Would you say that food always taste better if you're eating it with someone you love and you have some good conversation to go along with the tasty and yummy meal you're currently having?

Really, it seems like spoons and forks can be a good representation of a couple, considering how they go hand-in-hand. After all, it's pretty hard to eat with only one of these utensils.

Rasta Imposta Fork and Spoon Packed Together, Silver, One Size
Rasta Imposta Fork and Spoon Packed Together, Silver, One Size
For those with fond memories of food and eating together with your lover

Many would certainly prefer to have both a spoon and a fork while eating to fully be able to enjoy and savor their meal. Well, that is, unless one prefers to eat with chopsticks instead or one is eating something that doesn't require either a spoon or a fork.

But, with costumes like the one above, you're sure to be easily noticeable what with the gigantic spoon and fork making up part of your costumes.

You're sure to never lose sight of each other as all you'll have to do is look for a giant spoon or a giant fork and you're sure to find each other right away.

6. Picture Frame / Portrait

Like reminders of the past and of happy, cherished memories?

For those that are really feeling sentimental, you can consider donning a picture frame or portrait costume for Halloween.

Pictures can help you remember. They show you memories of events that have happened in the past.

They serve as a reminder of all the experiences that you and your lover have shared together.

Want to be remembered and never forgotten?

Picture Frame / Portrait Halloween Costume for Couples
Picture Frame / Portrait Halloween Costume for Couples

They are something that will pretty much always be there and where you can see yourselves as you once were, frozen in time, with the smiles and the sparkles in your eyes still visible on your faces.

Be sure to take a few pictures with the both of you wearing this costume to add to your collection of photos or your scrapbook of pictures.

Rasta Imposta Mona Lisa
Rasta Imposta Mona Lisa
For those who want to capture sweet moments in the frame of time

Of course, you don't need a sentimental reason for wearing this pretty hilarious costume.

If you just want a laugh or to be funny, then going with these kinds of costumes is sure to be a hit as not only will you be amusing others, you're sure to be amused with each other as well.


These are just some of the many unusual costumes that you could choose to wear as a couple for Halloween.

If you're looking to be different, if you want a laugh, or if you just want costumes with you and your lover's very own special, sentimental meanings, these wacky and even hilarious outfits are sure to fit any of that criteria, depending on how you look at things.

Are you planning to wear an unusual couple costume for Halloween?

See results

Of course, not everyone will like these types of costumes and would instead prefer to go with the usual ones like that of gods and goddesses, kings and queens, and the like. However, if your significant other really wants you both to wear these outfits, then perhaps you could consider indulging him or her.

It would certainly be good to spend Halloween together, bonding and just enjoying each other's company and having fun regardless of whatever kind of costume each of you might be wearing.

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© 2014 Ceres Schwarz


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