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Happy Birthday Poems for Dad

Updated on March 5, 2013

The man who has toiled hard and long for us so that we can be better and stronger in life is the father whom we all love so dearly. It is in his birthday the sons and daughters are searching suitable lines and phrases for showing their love and gratitude for their fathers. Here is a collection of fresh and unique birthday poems for dad. you can go here for shorter birthday wishes and messages for dad.

Dear Dad

Oh my dear dad

I am not present on this day

Is making me sad.

The love which you gave

From dangers us you save,

Is what you did for us…

Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday Dad !
Happy Birthday Dad ! | Source

Happy Birthday to Father

Happy Birthday Wish Card for Dad
Happy Birthday Wish Card for Dad | Source

My Father’s Birthday

When the earth was young,

When the air was pure,

When the fairies sang,

God came and said,

“There will be for thee

Oh children, a loving dad”.

It was a dream I saw,

And I saw the father sent by God,

He looks like you,

Happy Birthday Dad!

My father is the best

My father is the best

From the Far East

To the Wild West.

You have shown me the way,

And made me able to stand,

There is nothing more to say:

Have a birthday happy and grand!

A Poem on My Father's Birthday

To the world I’ll say

Making my voice loud:

My father is the best,

These words will make

Me feel better and proud.

I wish for you a great birthday!

Dear Dad, Today I Want You to Know

Dear Dad, today I want you to know,

That I love you very much,

I think about you very much,

Wherever I go,

Today I’m gonna pray

Have a long, long life

And a nice birthday!

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Birthday Poem for My Daddy

My father is my childhood’s hero

Without him I would be a big zero

He is my ideal, and my guide

He who will never leave my side,

Is my dad whom I love so much.

It Seems Only a Few Days Ago

It seems only a few days ago

Walking along the winding way

Catching your finger, a small boy

Wide-eyed and made of clay,

Still very raw, feeling secure.

I can still feel the boy inside me,

The boy who loves his father pure

And sends him his best wishes

For a Happy Birthday to father his savior.

Birthday Song for Dad

A Short Birthday Poem from a Son to his Father

You have given me strength and power

To do the right thing, to defeat the black hour.

The words cannot so my gratitude to you

And one cannot measure your value

Which is infinite to me.

Happy birthday to You Dad!

My Father is the Greatest Dad

My father is the greatest dad

He who has protected me

And never let me to be sad.

I pray to the God

To give him a long, long life

And a Glorious Birthday!


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    • profile image

      Maddison 4 years ago

      These poems helped me and they are rather great.

    • profile image

      Alexis 4 years ago

      Thanks that helped a lot to give an idea for my dads birthday he is so special to me I hope he lives another day considering he became sick with lung cancer three months ago :( I hope he gets through this

    • profile image

      allie 4 years ago

      love the birthday song!

    • pinappu profile image

      pinappu 5 years ago from India

      Thank you Sarah.

    • profile image

      sarah 5 years ago

      love the poems :)