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Halcyon Days Enamel Boxes

Updated on August 30, 2011

Halcyon Days Enamels

Halcyon Days are a luxury brand from England who have been making enamels since 1970. Handcrafted and exquisit in quality and design, these enamel boxes are true collectors items that are decorative and perfect for trinkets.

Halcyon Days enamel boxes are stunning items that make wonderful gifts for any occasion. Both sentimental and as little works of art, these pieces are prized by collectors and are set to be expensive antiques of the future.

The art of enamelling on copper began in England in the late 1800's and it lasted less than 100 years. Halcyon Days have gone back to the same methods and have once again introduced the world to fine English enamels on copper.

Halcyon Days Enamel Boxes

Trinket boxes always make great gifts, they're decorative, sentimental and pretty. Halcyon Days make the finest quality English enamel boxes and are prized collectors items.

If you're looking to start a Halcyon Days collection for yourself, or as gifts for someone else, their enamel boxes are a great place to start.

These beautiful pieces of art have the potential to become great investment items, as collections come and go and limited edition pieces are made available. Retired pieces will substantially increase in value over time.

Halcyon Days are a superb brand who make only the finest quality enamel boxes. Any proposed design is reviewed and changed at least six times before finalized artwork and color choices are confirmed. Each piece will take four weeks to hand make and over thirty hand crafted processes will be involved.

Halcyon Days as a brand are endorsed by royalty. Each enamel box has the Queen's Royal Warrant of HM Queen Elizabeth II displayed on it.

Halcyon Days enamel boxes are delightful pieces of art to be treasured. If you're looking for a gift with a sentimental wow factor, these beautiful pieces deliver that and more. They are the perfect gift for anyone who likes fine, decorative collectibles.

Displaying Your Halcyon Days Enamel Boxes

For any collector, a place to house your Halcyon Days enamel boxes is a must. A display cabinet would provide a safe out of reach home for your collectibles whilst still having them on show.

Finding a cabinet to match with your room decor shouldn't be too difficult as there are a range of display cabinets in all styles and finishes.


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