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3 Easy Ways on How to Stick to New Year Resolutions

Updated on April 24, 2016

Making New Year Resolutions is easy but keeping them is the hard part

Happy New Year and as always, we wanted also to have something new in our year to come. A new life would never be granted but we can change things by having resolutions that work that would make life feel new and happy.

Making resolutions is the easiest part, sticking to it to make it work is the hardest part. I have some suggestions that would hopefully could help to make it work. This is not guaranteed though but it might help, big time.

In here, I will give tips on how to stick to new year resolutions, according to me experience of course, and make it work. I am not an expert but this has helped me on how I made it to the top and achieve my goals and objectives.

PHOTO Source: Candy Sticking to Hands

The Hardest Part in Resolutions is Making it Work

PHOTO Source: Making New Year Resolutions

Yes, making resolutions is easy. How to make new year resolutions? We just have to simply think of resolutions which are easily achievable and time bounded, realistic and specific and we can think of more than a million if we want to. List them down and then, Boom the list is done just as easy as 1, 2, and 3.

The hardest part is making it work and sticking out to it. How are we going to go about it? How are we to stick to the list we have made? How are we going to finish and accomplish the goal? Are we able to make it last? Are we able to achieve the goals we have list? These are the hardest part of resolutions. We have to make it work and making it work takes effort and time, patience and a lot of that.

Resolutions are usually made at the first of the year. Making promises to change one part in our life to be better. But making it work until it becomes a good habit is hard for us we can become accustomed to the bad old ways we have. We are always pulled back by our own habits That is why sometimes, resolutions don't work for some.

3 Tips on How to Stick to Resolutions

1. Make One Resolution that You are Capable of and Stick to It.

PHOTO Source: Making One Good Shot

In short, make at least one resolution that you know you are capable of and willing to stick to it and make it through.

This makes sense as one should make things that are SMART to one person to make a promise to.

SMART meaning specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bounded.

Most nurses can relate to this guide and principle because we are taught how to do things in this manner. However, I guess whether a nurse or not, can use this principle as it is simple to follow.

Make this as a guide in making a resolutions work. One resolution to make it work and make it time-bounded, meaning you have to have a time limit as to when you should be able to achieve it. This makes the goal of achieving it attainable and also measurable.

Here is a Book Guide on How to Stick to IT

New Year's Resolutions That Stick; How to make Life-changing Resolutions That Work For You Every Single Year!
New Year's Resolutions That Stick; How to make Life-changing Resolutions That Work For You Every Single Year!

"Why Keeping resolutions has nothing to do with willpower, motivation, or discipline. How to override your brain's "natural safety mechanism" that prevents most people from creating new habits. A 3-step method to end self-sabotage and achieve your goals in record time. Achieve your financial, relationship or fitness goals by learning how to make empowering resolutions that come true...year after year."


2. Make it Work Slowly and Surely

PHOTO Source: Walking Slowly like a Turtle

As you promise to make one resolution work, make it slowly as change would sometimes never happen in a night. Be patient in attaining the goal of making the resolution work. It is more fulfilling also if it is worked with patience and hard work.

Just like in the story of the Turtle and the hare, everybody gets tired with being, so the sure way to get there is to walk in slowly but surely. Getting to the goal is not a matter of contest but it is how you get there and in getting there. People sometimes would make a hurry out of life that they miss the fun while getting there. Just like teens who wants to grow up fast but when they reach the golden age, they want to experience that life of being young again.

This is the same with goal setting, it must be taken one day at a time to make it work and to reach there safely and surely.

3. Remind Self to Keep Doing it and to Never Give Up.

PHOTO Source: Eye on the Target

Constantly remind self to never give up realizing your goal. Remember to keep reminding self that what you are doing has a greater purpose in the end. The resolution for the year would make since at the end of the year and indeed fulfilling when it is achieved.

Post some sticky notes, write a letter everyday, make a journal or diary or keep somewhere you can always see in the hope that it will remind you of the goal set for this year. Keeping it visible will remind us that we have to do it.

Post some encouraging notes, some notes to live by and some notes on goal and objectives. Goals on success too is a good motivator to stay focused on the goals.

Here are Videos on How to Make Resolutions Work - Tips and Tricks on How to Stick to New Year Resolutions

How to Make Resolutions Stick? Can You Relate? - Please Leave ME some Comments and Suggestions here. Blogger or Not, You can Comment in here.

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    • TeacherSerenia profile image


      6 years ago

      That is my one and only resolution for 2012 - already got it planned out in my head - now I just need to DO IT. I am going to start WALKING!!!! Just walk!!! To help with my health and to lose weight. I spend far too much time sitting in front of the computer!!! I need to get out and walk!!! Thanks for the good advice.

    • Wedding Mom profile image

      Wedding Mom 

      6 years ago

      Thanks for sharing those helpful tips. Starting my list later.

    • heartycindypen profile imageAUTHOR

      Hearty Cindy Penaranda 

      7 years ago from Ormoc City


    • Inkhand profile image


      7 years ago

      Great suggestions on how to make your new year resolutions to come to fruition.


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