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Cute Mickey Mouse Keychains

Updated on August 19, 2013

Mickey Mouse Key Chain

A Mickey Mouse key chain is the perfect gift for a new driver.

Do you remember the keys to your first car? Do you remember feeling around in your purse or your pocket for that symbol of freedom?

It was almost as if the tiny keychain was begging to be taken for spin in your new ride.

Here you will find the Cutest Mickey Mouse pocket watch, bottle opener, vintage, limited edition and flashlight key chains. Buy someone you love a new Mickey Mouse key chain to commemorate the mile stone of becoming a new driver or buying their dream car.

Buy Vintage Mickey Enamel Key Chain at

Disney Best of Mickey Mouse (Body Parts) Key ChainCHECK PRICE

Fun and Funky Mickey Mouse KeychainCHECK PRICE

Mickey Mouse Nail Clipper KeychainCHECK PRICE

Walt Disney Mickey Mouse Cartoon KeychainCHECK PRICE

Mickey Mouse USB Flash Memory Drive Keychain

Carry files, pictures and important documents everywhere you go with this cute Minnie Mouse flash drive key chain.

Limited Edition Mickey Mouse Keychains

Many Mickey Mouse items are collectables and limited addition. Here are several Mickey Mouse Disney Park exclusive key chains that will be gone forever once they are sold out. Don't miss out on these unique Mickey Mouse collector's items.

These key chains are usually only available at Disney park gift shops but buying online gives you the opportunity to buy one without leaving the comforts of your home.

Disney Parks Exlcusive Mickey Mouse Charms KeychainCHECK PRICE

Mickey Mouse Keychain Key Chain Ring KeyringCHECK PRICE

Disney Mickey Mouse Silver Articulating KeychainCHECK PRICE

Mickey and Minnie Keychains

Mickey is never without his sweetheart Minnie Mouse. Here is a beautiful set of black and white Mickey and Minnie key chains.

Deck The Halls With A Mickey Mouse Christmas Tree

Mickey Mouse Bottle Opener Keychain

Mickey Mouse Bottle Opener Keychain
Mickey Mouse Bottle Opener Keychain

Key chains are the perfect place to hang small items that you always need but can never find. A Mickey Mouse bottle opener or Mickey Mouse fingernail clippers are cute and practical keychains.

Mickey Mouse Lanyard Keychains

Have you ever been in a hurry to get out the door but can't find your keys? A Mickey Mouse lanyard is a fun keychain that will save you time. You will always know exactly where you placed your keys because they will be around your neck or hanging nicely from the key rack.

Disney Mickey Ears "Best of Mickey" MINI KeychainCHECK PRICE

Colorful Disney Mickey Ears Rainbow MINI KeychainCHECK PRICE

Disney Parks Mickey Ears American Flag MINI KeychainCHECK PRICE

Mickey Mouse Flashlight Keychain

You never know when you will need a flashlight. Don't search in the trunck of the car when you are on the side of the road with a flat tire. Simply turn off the ignition and use your Mickey Mouse torch key chain.

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Are You Buying a Gift For a Mickey Mouse Lover

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      Lots of fun choices for the Disney fan in all of us. :)