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Interesting and Inspirational Quotes on Mom’s Birthday

Updated on July 29, 2013

In this hub you will find some cool and valuable mom birthday quotes. Select an appropriate quote which seems suitable to you. I have collected some such great quotes for you and you shall only have to pick one to write on a card.

All these birthday quotes are taken from various known and unknown sources. Here, in this hub I have presented some. I have much more in my collection which I am going to publish soon.

I know, you may think that you can write better quotes than these. If it is so then why late? Write your own quotes below.

8 Birthday Quotes for Mom

Here are 8 extremely good quality quotes suitable for your mother's birthday.I have some more great birthday wishes hubs like that about birthday wishes for mom or birthday poems for mom.

  1. A mother is the ultimate manifestation of God’s sympathy for us ~ Unknown
  2. What I learnt for my mother is the value of love, compassion, sympathy and fellow feeling. She is the idol of goodliness to me ~ Karlos Llulumba
  3. The mother’s heart is the child’s schoolroom ~ Henry Beecher
  4. Your teachings give me the lessons to cope with the harsh realities of the world; your preaching converted my soul permanently to a God loving one; your love compelled me to understand how priceless is love, your presence has made me understand what a mother really is. ~ Unknown
  5. There is nothing more to speak. An invisible bond exists between you and me, dear mother, which cannot be described in words. Happy birthday to you! ~ Unknown
  6. When I was a little child my world revolved around my mother. When I grew older I realized that it still revolves around the lessons I learnt as a child from that blissful woman who is my mother ~ Anuradha Pal
  7. I can't see you here but I can still go to you by the fairy wings of my feelings. ~ A Birthday Card to Mom
  8. Everything has an end Mom. The desires, the ambitions, the joys - each element burns itself out; but the love which I got from you has no end. ~ Bengali Song

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Acronym of M-O-T-H-E-R

What “M-O-T-H-E-R” stands for:

“M” is for “Mind”; she has a mind made of the purest gold.

“O” stands for “Only”; mom is the only one who can give her life for her child.

“T” is for “Teacher”; she is the first and the greatest teacher of every child.

“H” is for “Heart”; her heart is like a diamond, always pure and shining.

“E” stands for “Energy”; she is the total source of ultimate energy like the Sun.

“R” is for “Right”; she is always right and fare for her children.

~ M. K. Vandu

I love you Mom
I love you Mom

Mom's Birthday Quotes from Known - Unknown Sources

Do you believe in “Love at first sight”? I do, because I fell in love from when I saw my mother for the first time ~ R. P. Vuni

May God give you all the peace and happiness you deserve. I wish you all the best for your birthday. ~ Unknown

Do you know why I consider myself as the luckiest person of the world? Because I have gotten you, the best loving and caring mother of the world. ~ Unknown

When the unknown forces of the world try to corner me to shadows, I fall back to you mom. You give me courage and the moral strength. Your image rebukes me if I become broken. You, who lives inside me, always inspires me to stand and fight. Your teachings have made me a winner that I always will be. ~ V. Horush

Dear Reader

Dear reader if you have your own collection of such cool birthday quotes for mom, which are interesting and inspirational, then feel free to share those with us and everybody.

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      lethy 3 years ago

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      Dil Vil 4 years ago from India

      Good hub and nice quotes. I had a good read, great work!