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Oz the Great and Powerful Costumes

Updated on March 22, 2013

Witch, Wizard, Flying Monkey and China Girl Costumes for Oz the Great and Powerful

Currently there are only a few Official Oz the Great and Powerful Costume items available on the market. These items are geared towards children who want to dress up as their favorite witch be her good, bad or something else entirely. Costumes on the market involve skirts, tutus, hats and wands for Theodora and Glinda.

With the popularity of Oz the Great and Powerful I expect their will soon be Official adult costumes for some of our favorite characters to love or hate: China Girl, Finley, Theordora, Evanora, Oz and Glinda. Until that moment we can create the look of her favorite Oz the Great and Powerful characters at home with some creativity and costume makeup tips.

Click on your favorite Oz the Great and Powerful character to find costume ideas and suggestions for that specific character. Explore products like Urban Decay's Oz the Great and Powerful Makeup Pallets and OPI's Oz the Great and Powerful nail collection to get a complete costume makeover from head to toe.

Image Oz the Great and Powerful

The Witches of Oz the Great and Powerful

The Land of Oz would lose some luster without its famed witches: Glinda, Theodora, and Evanora.

Do witches travel on broom? Well not according to Theodora who questions Oscar "Oz" Diggs impression of witches. So what do witches really look like? For the most part, they tend to look like your or me; though, their appearance seems to be subject to change if they become wicked or poisoned, or lose their shiny bobbles.

Glinda the Good is not only a witch but a Disney Princess as well. It was her father her ruled Oz until his death. Grief, accusation of murder and exile are not enough to tarnish this beauty queen's looks. She is able to endure flying baboons and bubble travel without ruffling a lock or her long blonde hair or smearing her lipstick.

Picture perfect is how Glinda appears at all times. Those planning on wearing a Glinda Costume based on the movie Oz the Great and Powerful will need to create the illusion of a flawless complexion that reflect light and goodness. Your hair should be long and blonde. Your dress white with gold and silver accents.

Glinda Costume
Official Oz the Great and Powerful Oz Glinda costumes, Wizard of Oz costumes, and costume advice can all be found on the Glinda costume page. Find a detailed analysis of the Glinda looks as well as makeup tips to help aid your Glinda costume transformation.

Theodora the Good is a delight in red, white and black. This witch comes from a family of magical talents. Her sister Evanora is also a powerful witch. Theodora is sweet, naive and trusting but unlike the pristine Glinda she has her own personal demons. Flawed Theodora is the most mortal of wiches who strives to be good and control her temper. Theodora the Good falls in love, gets her heartbroken and manipulated by her sister. In an effort to rid herself from the pain of a broken heart she turns to her sister who manipulates and poisons her. Unlike Glinda, Theodora undergoes a transformation from good to wicked. Her heart withers and her skin becomes green, The Wicked Witch of the West is born.

Theodora's wide eyed innocence is plainly seen. A Theodora Costume would focus on her dark hair pulled back beneath a brilliant red hat. It would feature leather pants, and riding boot.

Theodora Costume
For Oz the Great and Powerful Theodora Costume find official Disney licensed products, costume suggestions and fun reversible costume pieces. Get inspired by the Urban Decay Theodora makeup pallet and give yourself a sultry Theodora makeover.

Evanora the Wicked from the start Evanora has never been good. She is positively green with envy and her clothing choices seem to reinforce this idea along with her magical pendant. Pretty on the outside, until Glinda tears off her magical necklace, Evanora is able to trick everyone around her about her true intentions - even her naive sister Theodora.

Evanora Costume
Positively wicked an Evanora costume will give you look into the hear ot a wicked witch. Study the elements of Evanora's dress, jewelry and makeup in order to transform yourself into this evil character from Oz the Great and Powerful.

What Witch Do You Prefer?

With three talented witches in Oz the Great and Powerful there is a ton of magic going on.

Which witch would you like to dress up as?

See results

Oz the Great and Powerful Movie Storybook

Oz The Great and Powerful: The Movie Storybook
Oz The Great and Powerful: The Movie Storybook

Beautifully illustrated this Oz the Great and Powerful storybook retells the story of the Disney film Oz the Great and Powerful. The film predates Dorthy Gayle's arrival in Oz and tells the story of Oscar Diggs "the wizard of Oz"'s own arrival to the mythical Land of Oz.


New Friend Oz the Great Powerful Costumes

In Disney's tale of Oz before Dorthy we are treated to two characters we have not seen in the land of Oz: China Girl and Finley. These two newcomers are capturing hearts in Oz the Great and Powerful and inspiring costume lovers to try and get their look.

China Girl is introduced in Oz the Great in Powerful shattered. The flying baboons have attacked destroying in her village, Her fragile legs are shattered in the attack but are repaired by Oz with some glue. Breakable and orphaned this small girl travels with Oz to hunt down the wicked witch - Glinda. Through the journey we learn that this girl is not as delicate as she seems. Being made or China has prepared her made her focus on her security that why this dainty girl carries a knife. Watch out citizens of Oz.

The China Girl Costumelook is simple and delicate. Her china exterior and pale blue dress give this China Girl a sweet appearance; though, it is her spirit to endure that makes her a heart-warming addition to the Oz family.

China Girl Costume
Transforming yourself into Oz the Great and Powerful is challenging but worthwhile. Find advice on how to turn yourself into China through make-up. Discover costume suggestions and advice for the Oz the Great and Powerful costume.

Finley Oz the Great and Powerful Costume suggestions coming soon!

Oz the Great and Powerful

Watch the trailer for Oz the Great and Powerful and check out the characters in their costume attire.

Oz the Great and Powerful Oscar Diggs Costume

The story of Oz the Great and Powerful centers around Oscar Diggs a con man from Kansas who travel to the mythical land of Oz in a hot air balloon.

Oscar Diggs does not know his true value until he finds himself in the Land of Oz where his skills as a con man are called upon for the good of Oz. An unlikely successor to the late king who ruled Oz. Oscar's arrival was prophesied; though, I suspect the prophesy did not mention a music box the con man gifted to many of his female admirers. Oz's arrival changed the landscape of Oz and his early deception to a young witch provided the opportunity for a wicked seed to take root.

Oz has been seen in the classic 1939 film the Wizard of Oz but the Oz of the Great and Powerful film is younger and has a lot to prove. Those interested dressing up in an Oz costume should take a historical look at the Wizard of Oz Oscar Diggs Costume

Wizard of Oz Oscar Diggs Costume
One of the few Oz the Great and Powerful costumes geared for male fans is the Oscar "Oz" Diggs costume. Dressed in a long jacket and top hat every Oz will look the part of the gentleman. Find false mustaches and beards to complete this wizard look.

Costume Comments of Oz the Great and Powerful - Thanks for Visiting!

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