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Thomas The Tank Engine Party Supplies

Updated on August 26, 2011

Thomas Party Supplies

If you are having a Thomas themed party, you've come to the right place! Below are all manner of Thomas The Tank Engine Party Supplies, from invitations to tableware, decorations, favors and more...

Thomas The Tank Engine has been a party theme favorite for years now. There's something so endearing about the characters that just reels kids in and keeps them hooked. I've experienced looking after a child obsessed with Thomas The Tank Engine and before long that theme tune becomes hypnotic after you've heard it at the start of every episode on a dvd, over and over. It's easy to see why kids love anything to do with these characters.

For little boys especially, a Thomas The Tank Engine party would be an excitement filled event that they will never forget!

Thomas The Tank Engine Party Invitations

Get your theme off to a chug-a-long start with Thomas party invites. These colorful and cute party invitations come in packs of 8 with envelopes included.

Both sets of invites have the heading 'All Aboard' on the front. Neither invitation set specify that they are for a particular celebration, so can be used for birthdays or any other party instance.

Thomas The Tank Engine Party Tableware

Party packs for 8 - 16 people are a great way of getting all your Thomas themed tableware all in one go, plus it's all matching and some packs come with favors and party decorations too.

The first party pack listed to the right is for 8 people and includes: Thomas plates, cups, cutlery (forks, knives and spoons), 16 napkins, 1 tablecloth and 8 party invitations. You also get 8 party favor bags, hats, stickers and blow outs. For party decoration, included in the pack are 15 balloons, 3 curling ribbons, 2 streamers and cake candles.

The second Thomas party pack to the right is for 16 people and includes: 16 dessert plates, cups, napkins and a table cloth. This pack is ideal if you are just looking for the basic tableware.

The third party pack to the right contains the same as the first pack listed but for 16 guests instead of 8.

The forth Thomas The Tank Engine party pack for 8 guests contains: dinner plates, dessert plates, paper cups, napkins, red cutlery (forks, knives, spoons), 1 tablecloth, 1 Thomas table centerpiece, 18 foil balloons with cups and sticks, 12 latex balloons, 3 crepe streamers, 3 curling ribbons and 8 Thomas The Tank Engine party invitations with envelopes.

Thomas The Tank Engine Cake Decorations

If you are having a Thomas themed party, you have to have a Thomas The Tank Engine cake! These simple cake decorating kits make it easy to make a Thomas cake for that special occasion.

If you're feeling especially creative, see the Wilton Thomas cake pan below to make a Thomas cake from scratch!

Thomas The Tank Engine Party Favors

You can either buy in ready made party favor packs or make your own. Either way, any Thomas the train fan would be delighted!

The first party favor box listed on the right includes: a favor box, sticker sheet, blow out, flashing train keychain, mini train whistle, mini activity book and 4 crayons.

The second party favor kit contains: a treat bag, sticker sheet, Thomas rubber wristband, train whistle, blow out and cotton cap.

If you decide to make your own, you can choose treat bags and fill them with favors of your choice. This suits any budget as you can include as many or as few favors to include as your money will stretch to.

Having a Thomas The Tank Engine party is a great surprise treat for any little boy with something to celebrate.

You don't have to spend a lot of money to have a Thomas birthday party, so long as you have a bit of imagination you can create a fun filled day of Thomas and friends related pary fun!

Thomas and Friends Costumes

Having a themed party doesn't mean that it has to be a costume party, but if you choose for it to be these Thomas and Friends costumes are great for little ones.

You can choose from either Thomas, James or Percy and these costumes are sure to go down a storm with your little Thomas The Tank Engine fan.

Made from foam overlay, these costumes are comfy, colorful and sure to be a winning gift for any child who loves Thomas the train.


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