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Tinkerbell Party Supplies

Updated on August 25, 2011

Having A Tinkerbell Party?

Here's a comprehensive range of Tinkerbell party supplies for all your Tinkerbell party needs! Looking for cute Tinkerbell plates, cups, napkins, favors, party decorations, cake decorations, invites, costumes and more?! You will find a great selection below all in individual categories for easy selection.

A Tinkerbell party is a fun theme and sure to be a hit with little Princesses of various ages. Who doesn't love Tinkerbell?! She's cute, sassy and adorable, the perfect pixie friend to have!

Scroll down for a great selection of Tinkerbell party supplies, all in the cute fairy theme. There's lots of different supplies available to make your Tinkerbell party the best on the block!

Tinkerbell Invitations

Get things off to a magical start with these gorgeous Tinkerbell party invitations.

Let everyone know that you are having a Tinkerbell party with these brightly colored invites that say "A Sprinkle Of Pixie Dust" on them. If you are feeling creative, add some fairy or pixie dust or confetti inside the invitations, and give your guests a magical surprise when they open them!

Tinkerbell Party Plates

Safe, with no worries about breaking, these Tinkerbell party plates are ideal for serving party foods to kids.

Each design comes in a pack of 8.

Great for a no fuss clean up, these Tinkerbell plates aren't just cute, they save on the washing up too! Cleaning up after any party is a chore, save yourself the time and effort with these decorative party plates that kids will love!

Tinkerbell Cups

As with the plates above, using paper or plastic cups means no worrying about anyone getting hurt through breakages.

Coming in 3 cute designs these Tinkerbell paper cups come in packs of 8 (the first 2 listed). The plastic Tinkerbell cups are sold individually.

If you want cups you can re-use, it's best to go for the plastic option, they will last longer than the paper ones.

Tinkerbell Napkins

These napkins are almost too beautifully designed to use!

Great for a party table display, use Tinkerbell napkins for all the inevitable spills and messy cake faces!

The image of Tinkerbell is such an iconic, innocent (sometimes mischevious) one, it's no wonder that she has been so popular amongst little girls since 1953 when Disney's Peter Pan was released.

Tinkerbell was created in 1904 by J. M. Barrie and the story of Peter Pan was a play before it was a book. The image we see of Tinkerbell today was created by Disney though.

Tinkerbell Party Decorations

If you are having a Tinkerbell party theme you'll need some cool decorations to send out even more magic!

Here's a selection of decorations that will transform a room into a fairy hollow in no time at all.

That's the beauty of themed parties for kids, you can transform a space and create a magical haven that transports kids to a different time and place. With the Tinkerbell theme, for just one day you can create an enchanting space that kids will find magical and memorable. If it's a birthday party, it's going to be one that is remembered for life.

Little decorative touches make all the difference, use as many Tinkerbell accents as possible to create a fairy hollow fit for a fairy princess.

Tinkerbell Cake Decorations

Customize a shop bought or homemade cake with these these cute Tinkerbell cake decorations for the must have, show stopping birthday cake.

Easy to use and affordable, these cake decorations will transform a plain cake into a fun filled fairy cake with minimal effort.

Tinkerbell Party Favors

No party is complete without those all important party favors and here's a choice of ready made or create your own.

The Tinkerbell Favor Value Pack with 48 pieces includes:

8 treat sacks, 8 jumbo stickers, 8 rings, 8 kaleidoscopes, 8 spinning tops and 8 activity sheets.

Disney's Tinkerbell Goodie Bag (you get 18 in total) includes: 1 goodie bag, 1 sticker, 1 activity card, 1 surprise favor and candy.

Tinkerbell Favor Purse Party Supplies includes: 1 purse shaped box, 1 mini star wand, 1 plastic ring, 1 bead bracelet activity, 1 roll on body glitter, 1 compact mirror, 1 blowout and 1 sticker sheet.

Alternatively, if you would prefer to create your own, you can buy the empty Tinkerbell favor boxes and bags to the right. These can be filled with a choice of personally chosen Tinkerbell favors, ideas for which can be found below.


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