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Sexy Women of Halloween Vintage

Updated on September 11, 2014

Halloween Vintage Lady in Red on Jack o' Lantern Sticker

Vintage Women on Halloween

Halloween Vintage Product Line found here

has over 300 gift items. From cards, magnets, stickers, tote bags, hats, t-shirts, keychains and Ked shoes to name a few. Much of this line is about Vintage women, mostly from the Victorian Era.

The Victorian era lasted from 1837 to 1901. Many postcards of the early 1900s displayed women of this era and are portrayed as motherly or a bit of a temptress. Beautiful ladies decked out in black or red are the colors we associate with sex appeal.

The intro photo is called the Halloween Vintage Lady in Red on Jack o' Lantern Stickers from Sandyspider Gifts on Zazzle.

All vintage images on Zazzle are enhanced

if need be, color and hue adjustment, cleaned-up from stained, torn, worn marks of any kind and set to the highest pixels. Resolutions of all other images are enhanced and set to the highest pixels when possible to give the best quality look. This quality continues throughout all Sandyspider Gifts. Many vintage images are combined with modern backgrounds to give a unique effect.

Sexy Ladies of the Victorian Age

Pleasantly Appealing Postcards With a Bit of Witchcraft
Pleasantly Appealing Postcards With a Bit of Witchcraft

Vote for your favorite postcard

From upper left as #1 to lower right as #6, which one of these cards is your favorite?

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Sexy Ladies of the first two postcards

Above are the women of the vintage era. These are young good looking women of Halloween artistry.

The first postcard:

The Halloween Vintage Lady in Red on Jack o’ Lantern postcard is woman in a pretty bright red dress with an owl sitting on her head. She is sitting on a giant Jack o' lantern. A black bat is flying by. The sky is dark with a partial yellow moon. The stars are out. On the ground is a black cat. The quote on the card reads:

The clock's striking midnight

The witch her spell will cast

All the fairy ghost and goblins

Will be conjured from the past.

The second postcard:

The Halloween Vintage Woman and Jack o’ Lantern postcard is a woman who is carrying a large happy Jack o' lantern. A black cat is looking on. In the background it has the date as Oct. 31.

Sexy is in the eye of the beholder

Even a black gothic victorian dress that covered the arms and legs would be sexy to the right person. Imagine your husband saying that you bare too much skin.

Burlesque Queen Costume

Burlesque Queen

Music Legs Sexy Burlesque Neo Victorian Halloween Costume XL
Music Legs Sexy Burlesque Neo Victorian Halloween Costume XL
Complete with beaded corset. Sexy multi-layered skirt with trim of beads and ribbon. Let's not forget those lace gloves. Can you imagine wearing something like this in Victorian times?

Upper Class Victorian Woman

Woman in the Victorian era who were fortunate to be in the elite class, enjoyed a careful lifestyle, like dancing and entertaining without any chores. The servants did the cooking, cleaning and even raised the children.

Their only duty was to marry and raise children.

The Rights of a Woman

Woman of the Victorian Age did not have the same rights as her husband. She had the same rights as her children and had to get permission from her husband to do many of the things we take for granted today.

She could not vote, sue, or own property. The Victorian woman was not allowed to have her own bank accounts. The personal property the wife brought into the marriage became her husband's property. If they divorce, it would all be his.

Vintage Halloween Ladies - Variety of Gifts - Sexy for Their Time - Real Men Like Women on Their Neckties

These are all in my Sandyspider Gifts on Zazzle under the category button titled Halloween Vintage Gifts and under the subcategory of Ladies of Halloween Gifts in the Zazzle shop.

From top left to bottom right, these are the gifts shown.

Vintage Lady in Black and Jack o’ Lantern Pin

Vintage Jolly Halloween Witch Hat

Halloween Vintage Lady with Mirror Key Chain

Vintage Halloween Nightmare Magnet

Vintage Halloween Dearest Mouse Pad

Vintage Halloween Lady in Red Tie

Saloon Girl Costume


Sexy Costumes for Her and Him

Ladies, is this an office party that you want to remain professional despite the costume expectation?

Look for the regal, vintage costume and become a queen for a night or dress in the uniform of another job professional.

If this is a family Halloween party, look for an innocent friendly animal or even a roaring wild beast.

Are you still wondering what there might be if you have a frisky evening planned?

There is always the saloon girl or some other sexy costumes from which to choose.

Alright men, it's your turn. Are you going to be the hot plumber?

One of our revered firefighters or police officers. Or do you want to go more eclectic with dark and deadly or even the classic superhero?

Search for the right look for you and go have some fun.

Saloon Girl Costumes are available on Amazon

Here are some costumes for men. Some are so hot, it may be a party of two.

Sexy Mens Costumes as Shown on Amazon Here

Keep the Body Pure fo the Victorian Woman

Or it Could Lead to Prostitution

In many cases the Victorian woman was considered to be the property of her husband. She was not allowed to expose her body and had to wear clothes to cover every part of it. A married woman was considered pure. If she happened to lose her way and violated any orders of her husband, he could kick her out of the house.

It was accepted behavior that the man of the house could sleep with a prostitute. Since the wife had no rights, she could not divorce her husband for this act.

These Ladies of Halloween tote bags are only of the many gifts for this product line.

Halloween Vintage Products - Sandyspider Gifts found here

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