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Thanksgiving Gift Baskets

Updated on October 27, 2015

Gifts for Thanksgiving

There are a variety of reasons to give gifts on Thanksgiving, and the majority of those are in relationship to giving the hostess gifts in appreciation for the overseeing of the Thanksgiving dinner and festivities.

One thing to keep in mind when putting together or buying a Thanksgiving gift basket is the season plays part in how the Thanksgiving gift basket can look, and if you're not sure what theme to get, include the fall colors especially, and you won't go wrong.

Assuming you know the person well who you'll be eating with, it's then a simple matter of getting a nice decoration with items they'll appreciate and be thankful for.

What I've done here is included a number of photos of Thanksgiving gift baskets to give you some idea on how to put one together or what to buy. There are also some pre-made Thanksgiving basket you can choose from to buy below.

Personally, I really enjoy putting a Thanksgiving basket together in order to customize the items I know the host or hostess will like and appreciate. But if you're going to someones house that's either hard to buy for or you don't know well, then buying a Thanksgiving gift basket can be the way to go; just get something somewhat neutral in those cases with a little bit of everything in it.

Thanksgiving Gift Basket Ideas

I'm primarily just going to include and show all the Thanksgiving gift baskets below, as they speak well for themselves, and show a plethora of ways to put them together.

What to look for in generating some ideas are things like the basket itself, the accessories with the basket (decorative ribbons, etc.), and of course the contents of the Thanksgiving gift basket.

Another thing to keep with the theme of the season would be to add Thanksgiving figurines, cutouts or books that would be something the hosts would enjoy for the rest of their lives, and be able to be enjoyed from Thanksgiving season to Thanksgiving season.

Thanksgiving Gift Basket with Munchies

Wine and Cheese Thanksgiving Gift Basket

Thanksgiving Gift Basket with Fall Theme

Fall Thanksgiving Gift Basket

Accessories and Basket Key to Great Thanksgiving Gift Basket

As I mentioned above, it's primarily the basket and the accessories that really make a gift basket special, and the items you include in the gift basket are only an excuse to present the special basket in the first place.

While the contents of the Thanksgiving gift basket are important, the accessories and basket are even more so, especially when it's first seen and presented as a gift. You see the beauty of the gift basket before you think of what's inside it, and that's more important than the rest.

Do you see how all the different Thanksgiving gift baskets above are made in a way that differentiates them in a big way from each other, and how you notice the basket and accessories before anything else? That's what make a great gift basket, and the rest is added as just a good excuse to make or buy one for your gracious host.


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