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Tooth Fairy Costumes

Updated on October 14, 2015

Tooth Fairy Costumes For Halloween

Tooth Fairy Costumes are a fun dress up idea when you are looking for a unique Halloween costume. How many tooth fairies do you remember seeing at last year's costume party? Look what Dwayne Johnson, the Rock, started when he took on the role of the Tooth Fairy in the movie of the same name. He took this little old lady costume idea and turned it into a funny outfit for men.

How did the Tooth Fairy come to be? What's the story behind the fairy who gathers fallen teeth from children and leaves presents in their place?

While there is no specific origin agreed upon, the Tooth Fairy myth was documented by the Vikings in the 13th century. In early Norse writings it reveals the custom of a tooth fee being paid for the first baby tooth lost. In early Europe it was customary to bury baby teeth, so that a new one would grow in its place

Tooth Fairy Costumes For Men

Come on guys, drop the machismo and put on this cute fairy costume!

Tooth Fairy Costumes For Women

Women have always known it's fun to dress up on Halloween in a tooth fairy costume1

Tooth Fairy Accessories

If you are planning on getting dressed up this Halloween in a tooth fairy costume, you will need some of these fun accessories!

Watch The Tooth Fairy Movie - Or The Tooth Fairy 2

Want to watch a fun movie with your kids? Well, the Tooth Fairy and the Tooth Fairy 2 are both good choices.

Tooth Fairy Customs From Around The World

Here are some customs surrounding the loss of baby teeth, from around the world.

In Japan:

*When a child loses an upper tooth, the Japanese custom is to throw it on the ground or beneath the house.

*When a child loses a lower tooth, the Japanese custom is to throw it into the sky or up on the roof.

*This is customary and is supposed to help the teeth grow in straight.

In the United States:

* The Tooth Fairy visits a child when they have lost a tooth and place it under their pillow.

* The Tooth Fairy visits at night when the child is sleeping.

* The Tooth Fairy leaves money under the pillow in exchange for the tooth.

In France

* La petite souris (the little mouse) is the mythical creature that collects teeth and leaves money in return.

*This tradition began from a 17th century French fairy tale called La bonne petite souris.

In Malaysia:

* Children bury their baby teeth.

* They believe their teeth are part of the body, and should return the ground.

Whether it's a Tooth Fairy, a little mouse or a tradition, baby teeth are considered significant steps in a child's maturing to adulthood. Steeped in the time honored traditions and myths that are custom in their culture, this right of passage is recognized worldwide.

Is The Tooth Fairy A Man Or A Woman?

When you think of the Tooth Fairy, do you picture a man or a woman?

Is the Tooth Fairy male or female?

Tooth Fairy Pillows

Everyone needs something to put their tooth in!


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