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Christmas Greeting Card Ideas

Updated on July 28, 2014

Christmas Cards

Christmas cards are among the more compelling and personal way to send season's greetings and holiday blessing to your family, friends and colleagues to wish them the best for the season and the coming new year.

What's really great about Christmas greeting cards are the infinite variety you can choose from to buy or even to make to express your thoughts during the holiday season.

You can choose Christmas poems for those who really like them, or of course include a customized Christmas card with the family photos and personal greetings to those who it would have special meaning for.

Another growing aspect of Christmas cards is the trend toward homemade Christmas cards, which are really increasing in popularity. Those who are crafty and creative come up with extraordinary creations people love to look at and buy for those they're sending cards to; especially when they want to give them something a little different than the usual Christmas card fare.

So what I've done is included a number of Christmas cards below to offer you some ideas for choosing Christmas cards this year and what's available.

Joy to the World Christmas Cards

Many times a simple Christmas cards says it best, and this nice looking Joy to the World card fits that perfectly. It offers the message of Christmas in a direct manner for those who really enjoy the traditional Christmas meaning.

There are many Christmas cards with Joy to the World themes, and you could find a large variety of them when searching for them on the Internet.

Christmas Cards with Simple Christmas Themes

Warmest Wishes Christmas Card

For those of us who live in moderate to cold climates, it's hard to relate to those who think of a beach at Christmas time, but I love this humorous greetings of warmest wishes with all the beach chairs lined up in a row. Great fun!

Of course this type of Christmas card in reality is more of a general holiday card you could send in a number of circumstances, but I think Christmas is still the best Holiday to send this; if for no other reason the cold weather being a big part of the fun.

Warmest Wishes Christmas Holiday Card

Do it yourself Christmas Card Kit

Speaking of having a lot of fun - both for children and adults - here's a kit you can use to make your own Christmas cards to send. Don't worry about the quality, especially when it comes to grandchildren sending cards to their grandparents. They won't notice the quality of the work, but the love that was put into it.

Christmas Cards You Can Make

Christmas Card Variety Pack

For those who have a lot of Christmas cards to send and family and friends with a variety of interests, a Christmas card package like the one shown below is a terrific way to take care of all those needs and desires without shopping for each one individually or buying the same one for each unique person.

Variety packs of Christmas cards are a good way to meet their needs and save you a lot of shopping time.

Variety of Christmas Cards

Christmas Card Saying It's Jesus' Birthday

This is a fun, but not irreverent Christmas card announcing it's Jesus' birthday. The humor is in him standing in the air miraculously with the two sheep looking on.

It's Jesus' Birthday Christmas Card

Christmas Nativity Animals Christmas Cards

This is a beautiful Christmas card, and what's really neat about it to me is the inclusion of the Christmas animals of the nativity, but also the cats so many of us love today. Great Christmas card to send.

Christmas Animals Cards

Christmas cards with Christ Child

This is a perfect card to send to those who are Christians, as it's the meaning and purpose for the creation of Christmas in the first place. You never get it wrong when sending them a nice card like this.

Holy Family Christmas Card

Puppies with Santa Hats Christmas Card

What a fantastic Christmas card with puppies wearing Santa hats. Whether your friends, family or associates are dog lovers or not, this Christmas card will put a smile on their face as soon as they look at it.

How about that dog in the middle with the red bow on his neck instead of a hat? Looks fantastic.

Puppies on Christmas Card

Children Sitting in Front of Fireplace Christmas card

What a beautiful Christmas card. Those nice candles and clock on the fireplace mantle, along with the children sitting in front of the crackling fire in the fireplace brings back memories from our past Christmases which bring back fond moments from our childhood. The colors are also gorgeous, illuminating the scene.

Children and Fireplace Christmas Card

Do it yourself Silver Sparkles Christmas Card Kit

Here's a completely different do-it-yourself Christmas card kit than the one earlier in the article, and the silver and sparkles included as the pieces you use to create your Christmas cards look great. I could definitely have a lot of fun sending these types of cards, and silver is one of my favorite colors for the Christmas season.

Silver Sparkles Christmas Cards Kit

Christmas Card Ideas

I think I'll stop here before there are about 50 types of Christmas cards that are shown to give you some ideas for this Christmas season. Christmas card ideas are plentiful, and hopefully I've given you a few more in order to get you going on some ideas of your own.


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