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Unforgettably unusual Father’s Day greetings and ads

Updated on June 14, 2012

Last month I posted a Hub about unforgettably unusual Mother’s Day greetings and ads, collected from a variety of sources. Some of the items were funny and some were plain weird, but they were all much different from the typical celebratory stuff you see at the holiday. And since Father’s Day is almost here I thought it only fair to post some of the most unusual greetings and ads that have honored that Man Among Men in our lives – our Dads!

Father's Day greeting cards

Nothing says love quite like a personalized card with a picturesque scene and a tender message. This one has that classic look, although the message may have missed the mark on tender just a bit.

This from-baby card is really sweet..until you look closely at the clown.

Here is a pretty card with a loving modern message. But I can't help to wonder what Mom thinks of it?

Let's not get too gushy and emotional here..Spock and the rest of Vulcan would frown on it.

This one isn't overly emotional at all..considering baseball bats are pretty cheap to come by.

This one is not only attractive and tender, the intimate message could get Dad 30 years in the state pen.

Father's Day ads

The Father's Day gift ad that answers the question How on earth did Grandma become a 5-time widow before the age of 40?

This ad makes me wonder what Lilian gave Gerald as a Father's Day gift? Maybe a new wreath?

Because thinking of others is always a reward in itself...

Because Dad might be in the mood for a munch..

A message for the Dad who wonders how his wife always manages to take first place in the Church bake-offs.

This classified ad tells me either the newspaper editor needs to take crash courses in grammar and typesetting or Jeff here will soon be taking up residence in the county jail.

No grammar or typesetting mistakes to be found in this flier ad - but it does seem the underlying message isn't exactly what you'd call hard to decipher either.

This Hub ©June 13, 2012 by Beth Perry


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  • bethperry profile imageAUTHOR

    Beth Perry 

    4 years ago from Tennesee

    Thank you Joe :)

  • joedolphin88 profile image


    4 years ago from north miami FL

    Great hub very entertaining and humorous.

  • bethperry profile imageAUTHOR

    Beth Perry 

    4 years ago from Tennesee

    Au fait, so true!

  • Au fait profile image

    C E Clark 

    4 years ago from North Texas

    They really do have cards for every occasion! And every sentiment . . .

  • bethperry profile imageAUTHOR

    Beth Perry 

    6 years ago from Tennesee

    Kitty, you know me so well :) And here's wishing you a very merry Midsummer!

  • kittythedreamer profile image

    Kitty Fields 

    6 years ago from Summerland

    Okay, some of these are downright scary! Beth, you always have a funny way in your hubs though. You really enjoy making people laugh...or freaking them out, one or the other. ;) LOL. Blessings and have an awesome upcoming Midsummer!

  • bethperry profile imageAUTHOR

    Beth Perry 

    6 years ago from Tennesee

    Thank you Martie!

  • MartieCoetser profile image

    Martie Coetser 

    6 years ago from South Africa

    Some were hilarious, others were ridiculous and some even sent shivers down my spine. People will never fail to surprise me...

    Voted up and amazing :)

  • bethperry profile imageAUTHOR

    Beth Perry 

    6 years ago from Tennesee

    Thanks Will!

  • WillStarr profile image


    6 years ago from Phoenix, Arizona


    Up and hilarious!

  • bethperry profile imageAUTHOR

    Beth Perry 

    6 years ago from Tennesee

    Angela, thank you much :)

  • bethperry profile imageAUTHOR

    Beth Perry 

    6 years ago from Tennesee

    Ah Nell Rose, your reaction has made my day! Thanks :)

  • Angela Brummer profile image

    Angela Brummer 

    6 years ago from Lincoln, Nebraska

    Nice hub as usual!

  • Nell Rose profile image

    Nell Rose 

    6 years ago from England

    Hi beth, well done you actually made me burst out laughing at the top of my voice! haha! especially the 'Munch' one! hee hee! and that other one, Ew! you know which one I mean! really funny, and voted all the way! haha!


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