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Wooden Advent Calendars

Updated on April 25, 2012

Wooden Advent Calendar

Here's a great selection of wooden advent calendars to count down the festive season for all the family. A wooden advent calendar is great for using year after year, a treasured Christmas decoration that evokes fond memories of Christmases past.

Wooden advent calendars come in many different styles and designs and prices vary greatly, so there is a wooden advent calendar to suit all budgets. Something cool about choosing a wooden advent calendar is that you could fill it with surprises of your choice. You could choose any little treats as surprises for the 24 days, maybe making the last box to open a little bit more special.

See below for a lovely range of advent calendars, there's something to bring a smile to any face this Christmas time.

Choosing A Wooden Advent Calendar

It's lovely to have an advent calendar, especially when there are kids around. Opening each box to find a surprise in the lead up to Christmas just adds to the excitment of it all.

Woodern advent calendars are great because they can be reused year after year. It's something that children can grow up with, having fond memories of Christmases gone when it has been used before.

A wooden advent calendar makes a great gift for a family, something they can treasure for years to come.

As a great gift idea for an individual, you could buy a wooden advent calendar and fill it with your own surprises for them. Personalized things that you know they would love. For a really elaborate gift, for someone planning a marriage proposal around Christmas time, imagine filling 23 of the boxes with affirmations of love and then in the 24th box, the engagement ring. Now that's a cool proposal!

You of course don't have to go over the top, simple little treats to discover are just as good. It's all about opening the box and counting down to that special day when all the family come together to celebrate.

You are never too old to enjoy Christmas, so advent calendars aren't just for kids. They make lovely Christmas decorations that can be brought out year after year, a Christmas piece that will become part of the family Christmas decorating traditions.

Choosing a wooden advent calendar means that it safe and sturdy, it's unlikely to get broken whilst stored away and it's just more traditional that something made of plastic or cardboard.

There's some great wooden calendars available, it's just a case of what design appeals the most. When choosing your wooden advent calendar, remember that it isn't going to be a one use item, it's a Christmas decoration that can be used year after year, it's a great investment.


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