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Zombie Theme Party Ideas and Supplies - Party with the Walking Dead!

Updated on January 20, 2015

Let all the walking dead gather at a zombie party!

Birthday, Halloween or just a random party, zombie theme is always fun to have! Read through some ideas on walking dead party food, party games, decorations, props, party favors and party supplies.

You will find fun ideas and tutorials for cake and cupcake making, horrific finger foods, how to dress properly for this party and much, much more both for kids and adults.

Gather all the walking dead and be sure your zombie theme party will be a blast!

I like zombies a lot! There's always time for a good zombie movie or a board game (and more and more of them are emerging). I love the fact we already got and will be having more zombie movies (even one with Brad Pitt) hitting the cinemas this year.

Image Credit:Shop for Jiggle Wiggle Brain Halloween Gelatin Mold

Zombie Party Invitations and Wording

Zombie Party Invites

Gather all your walking dead friends

To let your guest know they are attending a Zombie party you can use party invitations matching this theme!

Party Invitation Wording

Braaiiins! We want braaiins! Bring yours to my Zombie Party...

I could only find one decent invite... In the end it comes down to wording so I would suggest you make the invitations at home - take the picture of your favourite zombie print it out and add the words.

Amscan - Beware Zombies Halloween Invitations Value Pack
Amscan - Beware Zombies Halloween Invitations Value Pack

As this invite has "Save the Date" on it it probably could work well as an wedding invite too. Now that would be one fun wedding wouldn't it?


Zombie Party Supplies

Shop for party zombie party supplies - In toxic green or decaying white scheme

I have only found one themed party supplies with walking corpses on it. I really hope there will be more in the future as zombies are cool! Fact!

Printable Cupcake Toppers - Perfect for kids

These are available as an instant download from my Etsy shop. They are perfect for a kids party, not to scary but still zombielicious.

Zombie Party Food Ideas

Cake Ideas


I really like the idea of zombie doll cake made by Summer (image used with permission). It is perfect for a party with kids.

More cake ideas - Clicking on a link will open an image in a new window/tab

* Walking Dead Head Cake

* Easier spooky head cake

* Graveyard cake

* Brain cake everyone can make

* Zombie wedding cake

* Rotten fingers cake

* Walking Dead Woman Cake

* Zombie man cake

Click on image bellow for instructions on how to make this gruesome zombie head cake

This cake will impress your guests (adults and kids) so if you have some patience do give this cake a try!

Eye gum balls - Perfect for making cakes and cupcakes

You could use them for cakes, deserts and other food or you could just serve them up in a bowl.

Gumballs Spooky Eyes
Gumballs Spooky Eyes

Why should your guests only eat brains when eyes too can be very tasty.


Zombie Cupcake Ideas

Bites that could bite

Cupcakes! Zombie cupcakes! There are lots of ways you can decorate cupcakes for this theme!

Hand from the Grave Cupcakes

The easiest of them for sure is to use cupcake toppers, zombie cupcake hands look extremely cool.

Worm Cupcakes

Worms cupcakes are great for this party. Purchase some jelly worms and stuck them in brown cupcakes

Brain Cupcakes

All your guests will love these! You can use the piping bag to create the brain shape or you can take these cupcakes to the next level and use brain mold.

Things to help you make the perfect cupcake

Cake Decorating  12-Count Halloween Monster Hand Cupcake Picks, Green
Cake Decorating  12-Count Halloween Monster Hand Cupcake Picks, Green

These awesome hand picks will make any cupcake look horrifically cute.

Fred BRRRAINS Silicone Ice Tray
Fred BRRRAINS Silicone Ice Tray

You can make ice, pudding, jell-o...

Zombie Cupcakes
Zombie Cupcakes

This book is full of great ideas on how to make amazing cupcakes


Fun body parts cupcakes

Other Food Ideas

Brraaaiins! That's what it is all about! Jell-o brains are perfect for this occasion! Other body parts work great too!

Try making;

Finger cookies

Bone cookies

Eyeball cookies

Make a perfect brain with a brain mold - Braaaiinss

A tasty treat for your guests.

Gross Human Gory Heart Jello Ice Cream Mold Halloween
Gross Human Gory Heart Jello Ice Cream Mold Halloween

You could be making them for each and every guest or just make one and have it showcased at the centre of the table.


Party Games

Zombie party games for kids and adults

Fun for everyone

Pin the limb on the zombieA variation of pin the tail on the donkey. Kids (or adults) are blindfolded and try their best to pin the body part to the body as accurately as possible.Do the walking dead danceSlow zombie like dancing. Be sure to not break a limb.

Tag, you are a zombieOne person is named a zombie. The others are humans. Zombie needs to chase the humans (if the game is played outdoors he can run, if it's played indoors they can do the slow zombie walk) and when he or she touches the human that human too becomes a walking dead. Now we have two zombies hunting humans, everyone they touch becomes a zombie and joins them with the human hunt. The last human standing is the winner.

Shoot the zombiesHave some cardboard zombie cutouts and have the guests shoot them with balls, water balloons or anything else until they knock them out.

Party Decorations and Props

Brain Toss - Who can throw it further?

A fun brain tossing game! You can either compete who throws the brains the furthest, who hits the target, or just pass it around and try not to drop it.

Brain Latex Prop
Brain Latex Prop

This prop will make the game even more fun.


Party Activities For Kids

Kids will enjoy zombie coloring pages and internet is ful of them.

Party Favors

Party Favors - Something to give to your guests, big and small.

Give something back to the guests!


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    • darkflowers profile image

      Anja Toetenel 4 years ago from The Hague, the Netherlands

      Hahaha, you listed really super great party ideas there, I'm impressed ;-) Thar Rotten fingers cake sounds like big fun :-D Great Lens, I enjoyed it!

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      Very creative ideas, we are actually throwing a zombie party for my son in a few weeks and one of the ideas that we came up with, is instead of doing a zombie game, we are going to use the AMC walking dead app. to allow everyone to dead themselves and we bought photo paper and everyone will get a chance to sit down and get one made and take it home in a frame that we also purchased, Sounded super fun to me.

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      You came up with some great ideas for this lens. Thanks for sharing!

    • WriterJanis2 profile image

      WriterJanis2 5 years ago

      What a fun and creepy theme for a party.