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Poetry-I Think

Updated on October 25, 2013

I Think

I don't think - I think

what you think I think

when I think my thoughts of you.

I think you think the thoughts I think

are thoughts you want me to.

These things I think-these things i do

these things I think

when I think of you.

These things I think -I think it's true

I think your thinking -what i'm thinking to.

I think to much-I think too long

I think you think I can't move on

I think to much- I think of you

I think I thought you were thinking that to.

I think I thought- I was thinking of you

I was not thinking what you think

I was not thinking those thoughts of you

thinking thinking thinking

I think to much its true

I'm thinking-I think about you.

VLH 2003


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