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Top Ten Comedies: 2003

Updated on November 22, 2009

The comedy movie is considered one that will make you laugh a little or have you roaring with laughter. Some movies are very funny while others are only merely funny by tradition standards. As I searched for all comedy movies made between the year 2000 and 2009 I was overwhelmed by the sheer number of comedy movies, so I began to search by individual years. I was able to pick out ten best comedy movies for each year. My favorite types of movies in order are comedies, action, and drama's, then horror.

Some of my favorite books are by Dean Koontz and Stephen King. If you enjoy stories as much as I do then you'll most definitely enjoy this series of top ten lists.

My comedy top ten lists cover the following years:











Old School courtesy of
Old School courtesy of

Number Ten

Bruce Almighty

Bruce Almighty is about Bruce Nolan, a local news reporter that is having a hard time in life.  He is tired of getting all the second rate news stories while Evan gets all the big news stories.  So he challenges God and He gives Bruce all his powers.  Bruce loves it and takes over the news station.  He starts to make things happen right where he is so he can become Mr. Exclusive.  Pretty soon Bruce is overwhelmed with prayers so he starts granting all of them.  This movie is very funny and shows us what it would be like if we “had the power.”

Number Nine


Elf is about Buddy.  Buddy was an orphan that accidentally climbed into Santa’s sack when he was a baby and got moved to the North Pole.  He was raised by Papa Elf and now he is a normal sized human living amid the elf world.  Santa decides to send him on his way to find his true family after Buddy wreaks havoc during the Christmas season.  Buddy travels to New York and meets with his father Walter.  The two bond in unexpected ways and Buddy falls for Jovie at the store he works at.  When Santa comes to town his sleigh can’t get off the ground because of a lack of Christmas spirit.  Buddy and Jovie get New Yorkers to sing Christmas songs so Santa can continue his trek around the world.

Number Eight

My Boss’s Daughter

My Boss’s Daughter is about Tom, a researcher at a publishing company.  His boss asks him to watch his house while he goes on vacation and Tom sees this as the perfect opportunity to get close to his daughter, Lisa.  As Tom sets out to earn her admiration the house gets a bunch of guest that pretty much destroy the house and interferes with his attempts at Lisa.  He also has to contend with Lisa’s older brother.  After the house get wreaked he makes it know to Lisa how he really feels about her, but she doubts his sincerity.

Number Seven

School of Rock

School of Rock is about Dewey Finn, a washed out rocker that no one wants to play with.  His friend gets a job at the school as a substitute teacher for the music class but falls ill, so Dewey takes over for him.  Dewey ends up turning the class into a form of a rock band which is against the school’s policy.  Dewey ends up getting fired but he still takes the kids to the competition and they have a chance of winning.

Number Six


Alex and Nancy move into a Duplex together.  The place is perfect, except for their terrible neighbor that lives upstairs.  She is constantly making noise or asking for something from the couple.  So Alex and Nancy set out to get even with her but each attempt fails miserably and hilariously.  This movie goes to show that you shouldn’t mess with other people because it will always come back to haunt you.  This movie is full of ridiculous hilarity as only Ben Stiller can produce.  Drew Barrymore offers great support and has moments of comedy all her own.

Number Five

Something’s Gotta Give

Something’s Gotta Give is a hilarious look at an aging playboy that ends up with a heart attack after staying with Marin.  As he is rushed to the hospital Marin, Erica, and Erica’s sister accompany him.  Erica agrees to take care of Harry for awhile as he recovers from his heart attack.  While staying at the house Harry accidentally sees Erica completely nude.  As time progresses with the two staying in such close proximity they start to fall for each other.  Erica, who is a screenplay writer, finds herself full of inspiration.  Eventually Harry finds the error of his ways and goes on a journey of closure for him and the women he has dated.

Number Four

Just Married

Tom and Sarah are the complete opposite of each other.  One is wealthy while the other is struggling to make ends meet.  They meet at a bar while playing pool and Tom is smitten with Sarah, so they rush off for a romantic rendezvous.  Soon they are married and take a European honeymoon.  While in Europe many terrible things happen to the couple in a hilarious way.  They decide that they made a mistake in getting married so they call the marriage off.  Tom ends up going back to her house and tries to win her back.

Number Three

Dickie Roberts

Dickie Roberts is the tragic story of what happens after child actors grow up.  Dickie is adamant about getting back into acting and auditions for a part he is perfect for.  The only problem is he doesn’t know what it is like to be a kid so the producer doesn’t give him the part right away.  Dickie publishes a book to earn money to rent a family for awhile.  This movie gives us the funny look at growing up again.  Plus, Dickie learns valuable lessons in life and is attracted to the mother in this movie.

Number Two

Anger Management

David Buznik is a man that bottles up all his emotions and is afraid of public displays of affection.  Buddy Rydell is an anger management therapist that is court ordered to help David with his anger problem.  Buddy completely turns David’s life upside down as therapy ensues.  Buddy and David joke around with each other by playing tricks on each other.  David learns that Buddy has made a move on his girl and quickly overcomes his fears and graduates from his anger management class.

Number One

Old School

Old School is about Mitch, Frank, and Beanie three friends that have become disillusioned about their lives.  In the opening scene Mitch comes home early from a seminar to find his wife involved in all kinds of deviances.  Mitch finds a house to rent right next to the college and his friends throw him a re-release into the wild party.  Mitch’s friends use the opportunity to relive their college days.  Frank the Tank is quickly reverted to his wild days and his marriage crumbles because of it.  Mitch starts a fraternity that is challenged by the college.


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    • wesleycox profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Back in Texas, at least until August 2012

      dspalding: Thank you for reading my hub and agreeing with my picks. I also agree that road trip was a very funny movie and Amy Smart was great in the movie.

      Vmommy: I appreciate the comment you left but I believe you may have left it on the wrong article. However, Mr. Murder is a difficult book to get into but in the 50 plus books Dean Koontz has written I would rank it at 49ish. The Key to Midnight was my least favorite though.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I have read one Dean Koontz & have decided that it will be my last! I had to make myself finish it - 'Mr. Murder'! I felt like I was back in school & having to read for English some stupid book that no one cared about!

    • dspalding profile image


      8 years ago

      great list. i love old school. another great one people overlook is "road trip."

    • wesleycox profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Back in Texas, at least until August 2012

      Eyeofh: Thanks for commenting. My favorite scene of Anger Management is when Dr. Rydell says, "I SAID SCRAMBLED!!!" as he throws his plate of eggs.

      Dohn: Hopefully these movies when watched will bring out the good old fashioned belly laughs. Thank you for visiting.

    • dohn121 profile image


      9 years ago from Hudson Valley, New York

      Great list Wes. These will sure to bring a smile to any one of us when watching them. Good picks as always.

    • eyeofh profile image


      9 years ago from New Jersey

      Another great list! Anger Management is one of my favorite movies of all time...oooosssfffrrraaabbbaaa!


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