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She has the ability

Updated on November 23, 2013

He used to gaze at her while she is asleep and when awake, they hardly put their hands off each other. We called it love but to them it was more than love, it was something you will honestly consider an obsession. They went for a walk every given evening and they shared everything in common. He supported her with the little he earned and when she had accommodation problem, he took her in. Where else would she go, if not to his place?

Few months back, he called me and complained of something.

-Hey! She comes home late these days, she doesn't even bother about cooking or cleaning anymore, the other night she came home very late and didn't bother if i had eaten for the day, she had this Chinese fried rice she bought on her way, she ate it and spent all the night watching movies. She doesn't call during the day any more to let me know where she was and if i call, she would ask me to drop that she was in a meeting.

"It will be fine, you know girls so work it out with her."

Last month, he called me again, this time he was crying over the phone.

-She came home reeking off this cologne, the kind she didn't owned, i didn't bothered myself asking, she spends more time now on phone and each time i ask, she would say that it was a business call.

"Open up and let her know what you are feeling, don't just watch"

Yesterday, she told him that she was bringing home a friend, he only stared at her. She didn't mind his look but left and came back about ten minutes later with a young boy. They were holding hands as they approached the door, he was broken inside and a sense of betrayal swept over him, so once the door was opened, he pinned the boy to the ground. she shouted and yelled at him to calm down but he refused and punched the boy with all his energy.

When he eventually got a space, he ran away screaming... your dog don't like me!!!


Girls are more heart breakers than guys

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They are about to break up but he wanted to set things right so that the world and you reading this would not blame him but it doesn't matter how climax the situation is, she also wanted to make her case known.

"You should never underestimate the power of your girlfriend. She has the ability to make anything your fault."


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