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The Road of Trees

Updated on October 21, 2011

An evergreen here, a oak tree there, the breeze from the long road's
narrow tree alley drifting sweet smells of natural aromatic freshness
as we drove on. The cut had been made, the trees natural edge
disrupted by the concrete monster that protruded up the middle, a road
that supplied the evolution of human prosperity. Why had the human
race done so much to destroy the trees, our own oxygen, the carbon
intake that these precious creatures devour to help us survive. So
much greed had overtook our cold souls, our anti-environmental ways
that have paved the way to massive infrastructure systems of roads and
cities where great thousand year old forests had made their home.

The birds had made calls all along the ride, probably condemning us
for the sins we committed against Gaia and her great sovereignty. I
heard from all the mythology books about fairies, Golems and goblins,
all of which still believe reside deep in the forests of the world,
waiting for that unsuspecting someone to stroll by so they can take
their revenge for humanities destructive ways. I saw one the other
night i believe, a fairy that is, it was sitting on a tree branch and
i swear it was laughing at me, talking some minuscule crap about the
end of the world. I just blew it off, and it looked ugly anyway, more
like a flying cockroach than a fairy, you know how they like to be
disguised and all, funny creatures they are.

You have to know that the trees like to move their limbs freely as
well, you know how everything has a soul, and they deroot themselves
and walk the forest floor late at night, always around 2 am or so, our
timing that is. They make sure to reroot themselves before dawn as
not to scare our puny minds into finding a reason to destroy them
farther, a trees instinct since 2500 BCE. What would become of our
world if we continued our destruction, our madness to self mutilate
our world until all mythological creatures actually become extinct,
forever perished in the marshes and mountains of Gaia's superior

We have already destroyed it, our roads let take for example, a piece
of concrete destroying a colony of ants, their many brothers, sisters,
mothers, fathers, and extended families all fleeting for higher
ground, the hot rock melting them to the touch as it's poured and
molded for the humans pleasures of comfortability. I believe it is
time to stop this madness, to concur that it is in our best interests
to become environmentally friendly for our fellow residents that live
beside us every day, to give thanks to Gaia for creating us.

Do you think mythological creatures are real?

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