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A Song of a Child's Fear - Lyrics

Updated on November 11, 2014

While reading to my little boy, the tale of Peter Pan.

He asked if daddy, he, and I, could live in NeverLand

I said that was a fairytale, and then I asked him why

And he said, “Mom in NeverLand you won’t grow old and die.”

He told me he was frightened that he’d be alone some day

That dad and I would one day both, grow old and pass away

Just like Grams and Grandpa did, he still can’t understand

And that’s why he would rather we’d go live in NeverLand.

I told him not to worry, I said he shouldn’t fear

If dad and I must leave him, that God is always near

And when we lose someone we love they’ve gone to be with Him

To live a life eternal in a land that knows no sin

He stared the ground and shook his head, and then went on to say

Will God be here like Santa Claus, and then just fade away?

So many things I once believed, I’ve found to be untrue

How am I to know God isn’t just a story too?

Well the only thing that I could say, was what my heart believes

That God is our Creator and The Master of all things

And when He calls us to Himself, on eagle’s wings we’ll fly

To be with God forever, in His castle in the sky


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