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In The Presence Of Our King - Lyrics

Updated on August 13, 2014
Torah Scroll Crown
Torah Scroll Crown | Source

I’d like to be invited if I may

To come before the King on His special day

The sound of trumpets mighty

And our hearts begin to sing

As we glory in the presence of our King

I’d like to be included if I could

Among those chose administers of good

To be an earthly vessel

For the power in the sky

An ambassador of love from God on high

And if our hearts are weary

We question our life’s role

The answer is within us

It lives deep in our soul

For answers are to questions

What fate is to a life

A pre-destined arrangement

Like Adam and his wife

I’d like to know I’m in His Perfect Will

Though imperfection dwells with me but still

He meets me where I’m standing

With repented heart I cry

And forgiveness comes without a question why

I’d like to know that my Beloved One

Will think of me as His though all I’ve done

It’s hard to comprehend

The kind of love we can possess

Our Beloved sees us as belovedness

And though we are but mortal

A dieing flesh are we

Life is in our spirit

And death sets our soul free

But one day we’ll return to

The state before man’s sin

And live a life eternal

When “Time” seems as a whim

I’d like, for Him, the One my heart holds dear

To remember me in His upcoming year

When the sound of trumpets mighty

Cause our hearts to sing out strong

As we glory in His blessings all year long

In the presence of our King

I sing this song


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    • foemeno profile image

      David Charles 4 years ago from New York

      its nearly impossible to have your voice known in this society no matter how absolutely remarkable and beautiful

    • motherofpearl profile image

      motherofpearl 4 years ago

      Thank you! These lyrics were written to a tune. Having a tune to write to, makes it easier for me to write the words for some reason.

      Thank you again for your comment, it's very encouraging.

    • foemeno profile image

      David Charles 4 years ago from New York

      This would be a BRILLIANT SONG, but its in poem form listen to a song without singing and try to sing it in your head, GREAT WORK!!